Friday, June 17, 2016

sweet tenderness

I put him through a lot today. And he passed with flying colors. He is a good boy.

 As soon as I had started to Skype with him today I had told him to strip completely. I am loving CFNM these days.

He had been horny for days and hated it, he was edged countless times, scolded, threatened with many many lines to write, I had put him in the corner endlessly. I had on times denied him to pee and I had made him present his ass to me in various humiliating positions.

He took whatever I gave him. He stayed polite and obedient ALL THE TIME. His willingness to please me never ceased to amaze me.

For me, the most wonderful moment of the day was a very quiet one.
His "training" had been over, he was still naked and I told him to relax on the bed. He was like: " I am really tired now" and I spoke to him in a soft and gentle and calming voice and told him that it is ok for him to let go of all tension now, that I am so proud of him, that he had pleased me indeed.

And then he fell asleep. On his bed, naked, the camera on his face and on his body.
For about 20 min I just sat there and watched him sleep. I watched that wonderful boy who is in my life now. I am a happy woman!


  1. I'm happy for you, Tina.

    It sounds like you are having a good time.

  2. sounds like he's having an even better time, since he's not paying for it by the minute

  3. @Fur sissy: yes, I am having a good time.

    @Anonymous: yes, he is probably having an even better time, lol. I am definitely not charging him by minute or hours. Far from it. But my currency is time and dedication and vulnerability and openness and he is showering me with it. All is good.