Wednesday, July 20, 2016

a hard question ;-)

Sometimes it is the little things that are the hardest....
Gregory knows all about corporal punishments. He can take a lot from a domme without even making a sound or moving a muscle. I know he feels on familiar territory with corporal punishment. Generally speaking, getting a corporal punishment from a domme is not something he is afraid of.

At the moment, I want something completely different from him though. I want him to accept my emotional and loving attention. I want him to allow himself to accept the love I am feeling for him. I want him to let himself fall in the warmth and care and securness that I am offering to him. And this is still a bit scary for him.

When I was in NYC with him, he has given to me and given to me and given to me. It was a super cool experience for me. I was showered in his affection and attention and all I had to do was to receive and to accept his care and warmth. Both physically and emotionally.

Now, with me back in Germany and him in the States, we can't do much corporal stuff, obviously. Now it´s time for me to focus on what I do best in life, emotions. Now it`s time to make sure he understands what a good job he has done in NYC. How much joy and happinness he has given to me. 

He is a great guy, a wonderful man, an amazing human being. And it is my pleasure to make sure he sees what I am seeing. But it is difficult to even go there.

I just told Gregory:

I want you. I chose you. There have to be reasons for that, right? 
I want you to give me 5 reasons. Why do I think you are a wonderful guy?  Me, I know the answers. But do you?

He dodged an answer, lol. That was to be expected. So I gave him a second chance and told him: "Go and water the lawn now. And give me the answer later."

His reply to that was:

Much later ;-) 
He is afraid to answer such a simple question? I do think that`s cute. ;-)


  1. If he has a very large lawn, he may have been making a joke about how long it would take him.
    Wait and see if he does as he is told. From what you have posted thus far, I have the feeling that he may be the Kind of guy that wants to lead from the bottom. I mention this only in the hope that you go into the relationship with your eyes open. There is no right or wrong, just what your heart tells you to do.
    I hope for you that you find a relationship in which which you are happy and fulfilled.

  2. Nope, he did not do as he was told. And I did not insist on it.