Monday, July 11, 2016

a perfectly ruined orgasm

Gregory and I  had already been together for 4 days 24/7. And we had been constantly buys. Visiting friends, going to places, seeing family members. I had "explored" his body every moment we had some privacy. We had danced together, he had kissed me, I had teased him and played with him and touched him endlessly. But I had not let him come yet.

I am not quite sure where he really stands as far as orgasm denial and chastity is concerned. I sometimes tell him: "Don`t come. You are not allowed to come. Wait for my explicit permission to come." And he always follows my wishes. Always! He knows, it turns me on to have that sort of power over him. I think in theory he somewhat likes the idea of being denied, in reality however, being denied an orgasm is very difficult for him. I am not sure if he likes it as much as I do. But what can I say, I just LOVE it when he is all needy and begging me to let him come. His voice changes, he gets very submissive and he  is all like: "please, ma ` am, please!"

He had been good to me. He had treated me very well. And he had made sure that I had had enough orgasms and sexual fulfillment. 

We were together in bed that night, watching kinky stuff online, and I started to tease him and play with his cock. I did not think much about it, this is just what I do. I like his cock and I like playing with his cock.  It was a very relaxed atmosphere. It was hot in the room and we were both naked. He got harder and harder, and I was having a good time with him. I actually wanted him to come tonight. It felt like he had "suffered" enough. I know he wanted to cum. 

I played with his dick and had all intention of letting him have a well deserved and relaxing orgasm. But just when I felt that he was about to come, I suddenly thought: "why not giving him a ruined orgasm?" 
The thing is, I had never done that ever, but I had seen enough material online to know how it works ;-)
There was not much time for me to "plot" anything. I just followed my gut. Just when I could feel that he is going to explode, I moved my hand away. I did not say a word. It all happened silently. He looked at me very surprised and was about to touch his cock with his hand, in order to "finish off", when I blocked his hand from touching his cock. He understood immediately. And only a second later he came. Only there was zero stimulation on his poor, but damn hot cock. He shot a huge load of cum all over his belly. And he was all like: "Nooooo, pleeeeaase", lol

I could not stop smiling. It was so cute to see him struggle with the reality of what had just happened.

He took it well though. As so often in the last couple of weeks, he took and accepted what I had chosen to give him. And I love him for letting me do that to him.  

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  1. That was pretty wicked, Tina :)
    Thank you for sharing.

    Since you used the "hands off" method this time around you could still surprise him with another method in the future. If you apply enough pressure with your thumb or fingers to block the urethra (either at the base of the penis or below the head works pretty well) It will pump and pump but it has nowhere to go. When you release it will just dribble out with no orgasm.

    Yo may find that enjoyable as well.

    Take care.