Wednesday, October 5, 2016

good times

Things between Gregory and me are good. Very good actually. 
Our relationship fine tuning is getting better and better. A dissonance once in a while is to be expected and something we can deal with.

So, what did we do?

I keep telling Gregory once in a while: "It´all your fault, lol. Keep in mind, if there is something not working out, you are the one to blame"
And he´s like: "Aha!" :-)

But in reality, if there is a problem in the relationship, I tend to ponder about MY responsibility and MY role in it. Not his. I am learning to give him the benefit of the doubt. Always. He deserves it. He is a good guy. I don`t remember one single moment when he intentionally tried to hurt me. He has opened his heart and home to me.

He is doing an awesome job in making me feel loved, cherished and valued. He makes me laugh. I admire him. He is reliable. He is supporting me in ways I had not experienced in my life before. And he is frigging hot. I am calling him "pretty boy" for a reason. I want to touch him constantly. When I spent time with him in the USA, I DID touch him constantly. And when I see him on Skype these days, I am longing for the moment to hold him in my arms again. :-) 

There is not much kink going on in our life these days. I tried to start a few kinky activities, but he did not have time or was not in the mood for it. I accepted it and did not "make" him submit to me. I guess I could have been more demanding and bossy, but the thing is: I don`t want to make his life harder. I could experience numerous times that he does indeed want to be obedient and good to me. He has proven it to me many many times. But when real life is on his mind and if I am in these situations forcing him to do kinky things for and with me, it does not relax him. It stresses him. And that´s not something I want. 

I am sure that things will be much more kink related again when I am actually living with him again. Long distance is challenging. And some things just cant be done "long distance".

I do have however found a way that always works for the two of us. Once in a while I insist that we spent some CFNM quality time in his bedroom. I tell him to strip and as soon as he is completely naked, he cannot "hide" his submissive side anymore. The sub in him is taking over in these situations. He is super cute in these moments.  He is emotionally open and pretty much completely unprotected. Completely focused on me. I LOVE these moments.

In sum:
there is one thing that makes me so happy these days:
Gregory loves me and  he allows me to love him with all my heart.
That´s pretty much all I ever wanted.

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