Wednesday, September 13, 2017

otk for Gregory

On the very first day I met Gregory, I put him over my knees and gave him a bare bottom spanking.

He had picked me up at the airport, we drove to my hotel and the fun begun ;-)

I was young and fearless, I had just flown half around the globe to meet him, and I did not want to waste any time.

I think of that day often; it always makes me smile thinking of that day.

We did various kinky things in that hotel room. 
I remember Gregory standing in a corner because I told him to, 
I remember him and I touching each other in various ways and getting a feeling for each other, 
I remember "trying out" various implements on his butt, 
I remember being in a whirl pool with him. 

The thing however that stood out that day was when I sat down on the corner of the hotel bed and told him to take his underwear down and to get over my knees. 

He looked at me completely surprised and asked: "Over your knees???"
I laughed and asked: "sure, why not?"
And he just stood in front of me and replied: "Well, I am sort of tall"
I only said: "So what?" ,  and reached over, pulled his underwear down, and litteraly pulled the whole man over my knees.

I spanked his butt with my hands and enjoyed every moment of it.


  1. Lucky, lucky man. You pulling down his underwear and putting him over your knee is an especially erotic touch. :)

  2. A woman that knows what she wants and goes after it that is wonderful. I'm sure before leaving the hotel his bottom was properly spanked. and he is lucky to have met you.

    1. archedone, I hope he is happy that I am in his life now. I AM happy that I found him :-)

  3. I'm seeing an older woman, about ten years older that I. I'm in my mid 20's and we have known one another for sometime. It took sometime but one morning laying in bed, she was playing with my limp penis and out of the blue asked my deepest sexual desire. My penis started to get hard and I finally told her, a spanking. It was maybe a month or so later, a Saturday morning at the kitchen table, she smiled and said let see how you take a spanking. She pulled down the bottoms of my pj's and over her lap I went. She was very good, she soundly spanked my bare bottom and she enjoyed my dancing around afterwards. I hugged her and soon was sitting on her lap, hugging her, kissing her, and she held me tight. A couple of weeks later after a spanking I stood for the first time facing the wall, this spanking was after I had gotten out of the shower. No one saw me, but that afternoon was beyond wonderful. Since then I never know when a spanking is coming, I get a great erection, and so enjoy my warm spank bottom afterwards and not always but she will take my arm and spank my sore bottom and to the bedroom we go. Joseph

    1. anonymous: spankings are wonderful indeed. And also the aftercare after a spanking.

  4. I am not sure what is hotter - the fact that you initiated the spanking - that you gave him a spanking - or that you enjoyed it so much!

    You are truly a strong woman!

    Love your blog! And your writing.


    1. Jack: I will initiate more again. Thanks for your comment.

  5. what wonderful fond memories.
    bottoms up

  6. Bravo!

  7. When will you be cuckolding Gregory? He would make an adorable cuckold. You could put him in the corner while your Bull takes you places the cuck will never be able to.Just image how much fun it would be to have Gregory squirming in the corner listening to all the moaning and sighing and being unable to do anything about it. Certainly this is something that would appeal to your sadism and certainly the powerful humiliation he deserves. Gregory the Cuck. Even has a nice ring to it.


    1. Nah, cuckolding is not my thing at all. I only crave and want Gregory.