Thursday, December 28, 2017

Last post for 2017

I did not post much in 2017. I made sure though to write one blog post each months. That is why I wanted to write at least a few words in december.

I am currently with Gregory in the States. We are having a great time. All is well, I am having fun.

I gave him a spanking and a nice handjob recently, and we both enjoyed that.

Hope you all have a fantastic 2018.


  1. Dear Miss Tina; I hope you're having a wonderful time in the US (and are dressed warmly if you're in the northeast, bloody freezing in most of North America!). You may not have posted a lot in 2017 but each one was thoughtful, insightful, and in many cases, highly erotic. All the best to you in 2018.

  2. Hello,
    I want to tell you that if you DID post often, yours would be either my favorite or one of my top 5 blogs in the whole world. I almost NEVER visit your blog JUST because I forget it exists because you seldom ever post... but your personality is fabulous, your type of Female Dominance is great and I just love reading about you.

    I don't know if you like my above compliments or if you even care. But you know why it would be amazing if you cared?

    Because you are really helping the world with your blog. I hope you care about that, but I'm also not sure if you do. However, think about it like this, you are being influential in a world where there is very little DECENT Femdom. It's hard on Google to find non-commercial Femdom blogs not by Dominatrixes and not to do with porn or anything visual.

    Do you think that makes any sense AT ALL? In a world with fucking 7 billion human beings, of the which, let's say even 1% might be consciously Femdom inclined? This only speaks of how repressed human sexuality is in this Earth and you are one of the big LIBERATORS for those who will at least Google up "Femdom blogs by Women". Your voice is SO valuable, yet you blog so casually!

    Imagine if you really, really have an impact. I know you could on me. I know you are really helpful. Yet, you sit in the back of my mind. I can't blog YOUR blog, only YOU can. I wished you understood just one tenth of it's worth! I wished you had a huge impulse every week to say "GOSH! I really feel like talking about humiliation and love today on the blog!" (for example). I wished it never felt like homework to you, but like the most amazing fun thing you can do, because by having fun, you are showing the repressed sexuality world something they forgot a long time ago, which is to have fun! That is why they try to fill that void with drugs, porn, and even dominatrixes. They have no "choice" because most don't know any better. They need people having fun and showing them how fun is had, especially in these nitch categories of Femdom and similar things so that one of the most important energies of the human race, the sexual one, stops being so repressed. We'd have less wars, less poverty, and much, much more fun! Don't you love the idea?

    1. "I don't know if you like my above compliments or if you even care."
      I do care :-)
      Thank you very much for your nice words!!!!
      I know, I dont post much, but I can only blog when I am in the right frame of mind.