Tuesday, March 24, 2020

10 great years

It has been 10 years that I started my blog. And what a great journey it has been. I am thankful and glad I could spend these 10 years with you guys.

Here´s to many more years! :-)

In the current time, where there´s a lot of uncertainty and fear in the air, I wanna tell you a bit about my experience with the readers of my blog, and how exciting (in  a good way)  and connecting and warm it felt. I wanna give you a short "behind the curtain"-look of what has been going on in the last 10 years.
With my blog, a whole new world opened for me.
I got in contact with wonderful men from all over the world.
After ten years of getting to know men through this blog, I love men even more.
It is a wonderful feeling to know that there are so many awesome men out there.

I love the openness and honesty with which almost all of you communicated with me. As far as I know, I have rarely been lied to. There was just no need for it. The truth is always much  more interesting than any lie could be and I thank all of you who were truthful and open and made themselves vulnerable around me.

I have met with very few of my readers in person, but if I did, it was always a good feeling. We knew each other already through the emails that we had exchanged and I was never disappointed. :-)

There are two or three guys out there who have been hurt by me. I still feel terrible about not meeting your expectations or about hurting you unintentionally. It takes courage to make oneself vulnerable and it sucks if the dominant part is not careful. To the ones who I let down: I am very sorry about it. I really am!

The readers of my blog come from all sorts of life. British lorry drivers, US police men, australian farmers, Canadian motor bikers, Austrian professors, body guards, pastors, artists, teachers, some are doctors, and a lot of my readers are lawyers.

My all time favorite, when it comes to having balls, is the american top lawyer from a very big law firm who contacted me through his business email. Full name and address. I still look him up on vanilla news sometimes and am always very glad to read about his business success.

My funniest moment happened with an Austrian professor, a shy and submissive man, who wanted to audio call me on skype, but accidentally he pushed the wrong button and video called me and his face was suddenly on my computer screen. He freaked out for a moment, lol, and it was just funny to see his panicked face.

One professionally very successful guy, who I consider to be an actual friend now, once video skyped me  (he used video, I could see him. but I used only audio and at the time he had no idea who I really was) while writing my name on his dick. The next day he texted me and he said he felt like: "OMG, what have I been doing??? " ;-)

Some of you dont know that I know who you are in real life. It was always fun for me to google and find a man with the few real life information he has given me through his emails. In most cases, once I knew who the man was, I gave him my real name too, to balance things out. But there are a few guys out there who to this days still dont know that I know who they are. :-)

Over the years I did a lot of marriage counselling for the readers of my blog. And it makes me happy to see when the hours I spent analyzing a marriage were successful. I look at facebook pictures of some happy families and I feel a silent joy of achievement. I might have been a small part in keeping that marriage alive, and that makes me kinda proud.

I watch the kids of my readers grow older, doing gap years, going to university and I feel like they are my (distant) family too. I know how much their fathers love them and how much their fathers struggled to keep their marriages running. It has actually strengthened my faith in men in general.

I have mourned with readers who lost their parents. I have been sent the last picture of a son holding his mothers hand before she passed away.

It feels like the readers of this blog and I spent the important parts of life together.

For some of my readers I did even actual legal work.
And I helped one british guy to face his alcoholism and he went into treatment for it.
One reader referred me to a new client in a German child custody case.
And another reader hired me to look into an old case of a jewish family who is now living in the USA and still claiming some property in Germany related to WW2.

I am telling you, there is pretty much nothing that did not happen during these 10 years. :-)

Thanks to all of you who have been part of the ride!

What? you wanna hear more about the kink? Ok, lol, next time I will write about kink again.


  1. Miss Tina, what an absolutely wonderful post!! Wholesome and heartwarming and just full of positive energy, even the serious and sad parts.

    Not going to lie, when I saw the title I thought for sure you were saying farewell. I can't tell you how happy I am that that's not the case. As the world burns right now, we all need all the distraction and joy we can get.

    As you said, here's to many years!

    1. Thanks FL. You have been on this journey with me pretty much from the beginning.

  2. Hi Tina - Long time reader (I'm pretty sure I was present at inception). I have always admired your courage, honesty & willingness to share your story with us. Keep up the good work! rmk

    1. Thank you! And: Thanks for following me through all these years :-)

  3. Ms. Tina--
    Long time lurker, short term commenter.
    I love this post! It is a testament to your authenticity.
    It takes a special person to open up private parts of her life so that others can learn and grow. Thank you for your generous spirit.

  4. Happy to be ever of interest enough to you that you look me up sometimes, and since we both know each other's vanilla lives, maybe you do. :)

    1. who knows, maybe I do ;-)
      Thank you for all the great input that you have provided over the years.

  5. Congratulations. You’re easily the most interesting and intellectually honest blogger in this space.