Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Let's Talk: My Book "Embracing Her Lead" and the Controversy

Hey, everyone!

So, my last blog post about my new book, "Embracing Her Lead," stirred up quite a fuss. 

My Controversial Book Here is the link to my book

Let's dive right in! "Embracing Her Lead. A guide to thriving in female led relationships" is all about female-led relationships, and men under the control of women, a topic that gets folks talking....

I put my heart and soul into this project because I believe it's an important subject. But hey, not everyone will see it the way I do, and that's totally fine. Different opinions make the world interesting!

I got some thoughtful critiques, and I appreciate them all. Constructive criticism helps us grow, so I'm taking your feedback to heart for future projects.

Why Some Comments Didn't Make It

Now, about those comments I didn't post – anything with hate speech or personal attacks got the boot.

I also skipped over comments with spoilers. Let's keep the surprises alive for everyone!

Lastly, I didn't post comments that made my feelings hurt.

Despite the controversy, I'm still stoked about "Embracing Her Lead." It dives into an important topic, and I've worked hard to make it thought-provoking. Not everyone will agree with the message, and that's cool. Just give it a read with an open mind.

Thanks for being part of this journey!

Sunday, September 3, 2023

My new book! Embracing Her Lead: A Guide to Thriving in Female-Led Relationships

Hello everybody,

I'm super excited to share that I've recently authored and published a new book titled "Embracing Her Lead: A Guide to Thriving in Female-Led Relationships." If you're interested in exploring the dynamics and intricacies of female-led relationships, this ebook is designed just for you. :-)

You can grab your copy of "Embracing Her Lead" on Amazon by following this link: Tina's new great wonderful super awesome new book.

I would greatly appreciate it if you could take a moment to leave a review on Amazon after reading the book. Your reviews not only provide valuable feedback but also play a significant role in helping the book reach a wider audience, thanks to the amazon ebook algorithm. Your support means the world to me, and I hope you find the book insightful and valuable.

I value your honest feedback, and I want to make sure you feel comfortable sharing your thoughts. Please remember the general rule: if you enjoy reading "Embracing Her Lead," don't hesitate to shout it from the digital rooftops! Tell your friends, your family, your neighbors, your barista, and maybe even your pet parrot (if they're into that kind of thing, lol). Your recommendations mean a lot and can help others discover the book's value.

But hey, if you happen to have any critiques or suggestions, let's keep those between us, like a secret handshake club. Feel free to reach out to me privately. Your feedback is incredibly valuable in helping me improve as an author and create better content for you in the future. 

Thank you :-)

PS: "Anonymous", this book will trigger you enormously.  I recommend that you dont read it.

Saturday, August 26, 2023

The earth shattering spanking

 I wanted to publish this only in my new book that is about to come out soon, but since so many of you asked nicely, lol, I decided to publish it here too.

Eric gets drunk and calls Tina is how it ended: 

As they navigated the journey home, a palpable tension enveloped the car. Tina's heart ached as Eric's accusations reverberated in the confined space. She was hurt and, in a way, scared. 

The man beside her seemed like a stranger, lost in the throes of inebriation.

 Eric's words had dealt a blow that resonated within Tina's core. The drive home, once filled with laughter, had become a somber passage through a tangled maze of emotions. 

As they finally pulled into their driveway, Tina's heart was heavy with a mixture of relief and sorrow. With a heavy sigh, she turned to Eric, her eyes searching his for a glimpse of the man she knew was still there beneath the alcohol-induced haze. "We're home, Eric," her voice was gentle, her words an attempt to calm him down and not infuriate him even more. Quietly they went to bed in separate rooms that night.

The weight of his actions settled heavily upon him as he sobered up the next morning, his heart heavy with regret. Tina's eyes held a mixture of disappointment and hurt as she looked at Eric. Her voice, laced with a raw edge, resonated through the room, laying bare the impact of his words. "Eric, what you said last night was hurtful and unacceptable." 

His heart sank as he listened to Tina's measured words. The reality of his actions hit him like a tidal wave, the gravity of his mistake gnawing at his conscience. He felt a mixture of shame and remorse, a deep ache that reminded him of the pain he had caused. Tina's emotions were palpable, her frustration simmering beneath the surface. Her voice trembled with a mix of anger and sadness as she continued, "I thought we had built a foundation of respect and trust. Calling me those words goes against everything we stand for. Your words crossed a line that we should never cross." 

The weight of his actions was palpable, a heavy truth that Eric couldn't escape. The sting of his thoughtless words, the regret that coursed through him, was a harsh reminder of the pain he had caused.

As Tina's voice hung in the air, a mixture of  embarrassment, shame and guilt crept over him, a deep recognition of his failure.

 The reality of his drunk actions had dawned upon him, casting a shadow over the happiness they had shared at the beginning of that night.

Tina's eyes held a mix of weariness and resolve as she looked at Eric. The emotions she felt were a complex tapestry, woven from disappointment, hurt, and a flicker of hope that their bond could mend. 

Eric's gaze met hers, a blend of remorse and understanding in his eyes. He knew he had crossed a line, wounded the trust they had cultivated over time. 

Tina's voice, though steady, conveyed a raw vulnerability as she continued. "I want you to understand the impact of your words, Eric. And I believe a fitting consequence is for you to experience the discomfort you caused." Tina's determination was unwavering, her resolve rooted in their shared commitment to growth. As she reached for a bar of soap nearby,

Eric's heart raced, the sight sending a shiver down his spine. Tina's voice remained steady as she instructed him, her words gentle but firm. "Open your mouth, Eric." His heart pounded as he obeyed, feeling the bitterness of the soap mingling with his own regret on his tongue. The taste was a tangible reminder of the consequences of his reckless words.

Tina's gaze held a mixture of sternness and compassion as she looked at Eric. "This might be uncomfortable, but I want you to remember this feeling. Just as your words left a bitter taste, your actions had a lasting impact." 

Eric's heart clenched, the taste of soap becoming a symbol of his own recklessness. In the midst of the discomfort, he could feel the weight of Tina's intentions—a lesson in accountability.

As the soap's taste lingered, Eric felt a mixture of humility and appreciation. He knew that Tina's actions were a testament to her commitment to their relationship. The discomfort he was feeling was a tangible reminder of the consequences that his thoughtless words had incurred. 

He knew that his actions had cast a shadow over the night, his drunkenness unraveling the threads of restraint he had so carefully woven. As the echoes of his slurred words lingered in the air, Tina found herself standing at the crossroads of anger and concern.

With a heavy heart, Tina looked at Eric—a man she loved deeply, a man who had lost himself to the intoxicating haze. The emotion that swelled within her was a tumultuous blend of frustration and fear—a fear of the demons that alcohol had unleashed, a frustration at the recklessness that had wounded their sacred connection.

As the minutes ticked by, Eric's vulnerability was a stark contrast to the bravado he had exuded last night. His gaze, once confident, now held a glimmer of remorse—a mirror reflecting the reality of his actions. The weight of his drunken words had left scars, and Tina knew that these scars ran deep, impacting the fabric of their bond.

With a mixture of determination and tenderness, Tina's voice broke the silence, her words infused with a fierce sincerity. "You can take the bar of soap out of your mouth now. But Eric, I want you to understand that what happened tonight was not okay. Your words hurt me a lot, and your actions crossed a line."

Eric's eyes met Tina's. He did not say a single word.  He knew there was nothing he could say to defend his bad behavior from last night.

Eric was well aware of the gravity of his mistake. He knew that the alcohol had stripped him of his inhibitions, leaving him exposed—exposed to the harsh light of his own recklessness.

Tina's voice wavered as she continued, her emotions raw and unfiltered. "You need to understand the consequences of your actions. And I believe that a fitting consequence is for you to experience the impact of your choices. The mouth soaping was just the beginning. Now I am going to spank you. We both know that you more than deserve it!"

In that moment, a shift occurred—a shift from anger to a resolute determination to address the breach that had occurred. Tina's voice held a mixture of authority and dominance as she instructed Eric to lower his pants and underwear.

As Eric positioned himself over her knees, his naked butt completely exposed, his heart raced with a blend of anticipation and uncertainty. He knew that Tina's intention wasn't just to punish—it was to restore the balance that had been disrupted by his actions.

And then, the first strike landed—a sharp sting that cut through the fog of alcohol and pride. Each subsequent strike was a journey—an odyssey through pain and introspection, a voyage into the heart of consequences.

With every strike, Tina's emotions were woven into the fabric of the moment—a tapestry of love, concern, and the undeniable strength of their bond. She wasn't inflicting pain out of anger; she was guiding him through the turbulence of his choices, allowing him to feel the weight of his actions and the depth of her care.

As the spanking continued, Eric's pride was stripped away with each impact. Eric's vulnerability was laid bare, and his defenses crumbled under the weight of his actions. As each strike landed, the pain became a conduit for his emotions—emotions that had been suppressed for so long. And then, amid the sting and the turmoil, something shifted—a dam broke, and tears welled up in his eyes.

The tears were an overflow of the turmoil within—regret, remorse, and a yearning for absolution.

 In that moment, his pride yielded to the rawness of his emotions, and he found himself uttering words that were both a plea and an admission of his own fallibility.

"Please, Tina," his voice quivered, the words carrying the weight of his vulnerability. "Please stop."

Tina's heart wrenched as she witnessed the tears streaming down Eric's face. She could feel the depth of his remorse, the sincerity of his regret. Her grip on his wrist loosened, her heart torn between compassion and the understanding that consequences were necessary.

But as Eric's plea hung in the air, Tina's voice, though steady, held a firm resolve. "Eric, I understand your pain, but this is a consequence that you brought upon yourself. We can’t just pretend nothing happened. Your behavior was so outrageous that I can’t just ignore it. I will stop when I decide, and you need to take your punishment."

Tina knew that stopping now might provide temporary relief, but it wouldn't address the underlying issue. It wouldn't mend the bridge that had been fractured by his actions. Her stern demeanor remained unwavering, a testament to her commitment to addressing the situation with utmost seriousness. 

Eric's plea for respite, though poignant, didn't sway her resolve. The weight of Eric's actions had left an indelible mark on their relationship, and Tina was determined to ensure that he understood the gravity of his behavior. She believed that a measured punishment was not only necessary but crucial for their shared growth.

The spanking continued, each strike serving as a deliberate reminder of the boundaries that had been crossed. Tina's gaze, though unyielding, held a glimmer of empathy—a recognition that the path to redemption was paved with discomfort and self-awareness. Each strike was a calculated step toward accountability, an offering of consequence that Eric needed to embrace.

Tina's voice, measured but firm, cut through the silence that enveloped them. "Eric," she spoke, her words carrying an undeniable weight, "I want you to understand that your actions were completely unacceptable. This punishment isn't just about physical pain; it's about acknowledging the hurt you caused and the impact of your words."

As the spanking continued, Tina's discipline was a blend of tough love and profound concern. Each strike, though met with resistance, was a stepping stone toward Eric's enlightenment. Tina believed that this experience would serve as a turning point—a reminder of the responsibility that came with their unique dynamic.

With each strike that followed, Eric's tears mingled with the rain of his emotions. He realized that the path to redemption wasn't just about escaping pain—it was about confronting it, acknowledging it, and ultimately growing from it.

As the spanking continued, Tina's touch became an anchor—a reminder that even in the midst of pain, they were united in purpose. Her words, though firm, were laced with love—a love that was willing to guide, to discipline, and to heal.

And as the final strike landed, a profound silence settled between them. The echoes of the spanking lingered in the air, a tangible reminder of the choices that had led them to this moment. Eric's tears had dried, replaced by a sense of catharsis—a release of pent-up emotions that had clouded his judgment.

In the days that followed the intense spanking, Eric found himself keenly aware of a physical reminder—a lingering sensation that served as a testament to the journey he had traversed. The tenderness in his buttocks was more than just a physical sensation; it was a touchstone, a tangible connection to the emotional depths he had explored alongside Tina.

As he moved through each day, the subtle ache was a reminder of the vulnerability he had shown, the tears he had shed, and the healing power of Tina's guidance. It was a reminder that growth often came with discomfort, that facing consequences was an integral part of their shared journey. 

The pain he felt when sitting down or moving served as a reminder of the depth of his commitment to their relationship.

It was a mark of his willingness to embrace vulnerability, to accept the consequences of his actions, and to walk hand in hand with Tina through the highs and lows of their journey.

And the memory of the soap's taste served as a constant reminder of the lesson Eric had learned. Each time he caught a glimpse of the soap in the bathroom, he was reminded of the importance of his words and the consequences they carried.

Thursday, August 24, 2023

the sad night my partner called me "a bitch"

 I need to write the  following as a "fictional story", even though it actually happened in real life.  Even after many years my emotions are still raw and I am still trying to cope with it.

It happened after a great wedding of a friend. And I am still not over it. I think my point in posting it is to let the guys who are reading my blog know how much alcohol sucks....the guy who did it to me has no idea how much it is all still hurting me.And note: yes, it happened in a allegedly female led relationship, that is why it made me feel even more helpless and powerless, because it was so unexpected.

In the hushed aftermath of a friend's wedding, Eric and Tina found themselves navigating a night that would forever linger in their memories. The air was thick with jubilation and the echoes of laughter, yet it was overshadowed by the discord that had unfolded between them.

Tina, steadfast and sober, held the role of designated driver with grace, her eyes focused on the road ahead as Eric's voice slurred and stumbled through the night air. The once jovial atmosphere had taken a somber turn as Eric's words cut through the mirth, the sting of his accusation settling like a stone in the pit of Tina's stomach. "You are a fucking bitch. Stay away from me, you bitch. You always want to be in control, I dont want to have anything to do with you" Eric kept saying over and over. He was drunk, very drunk, and Tina was scared, very scared. Scared of him.

As they journeyed homeward, Tina's heart ached, her emotions a whirlwind of hurt and helplessness. Eric's actions had betrayed a side of him she had rarely seen—an aggression fueled by alcohol, directed at her, his beloved partner. The weight of his words was a heavy burden, one that pressed upon Tina's shoulders as she maneuvered through the streets.

The drive home was fraught with tension, the car a cocoon of silence punctuated by Eric's slurred insults. Each syllable chipped away at Tina's heart, her grip on the steering wheel tightening as she struggled to keep her composure. She yearned for the laughter and camaraderie that had filled their evening, now tainted by Eric's mean and hurtful words.

As they finally pulled into their driveway, Tina's heart was heavy with a mixture of relief and sorrow. With a heavy sigh, she turned to Eric, her eyes searching his for a glimpse of the man she knew was still there beneath the alcohol-induced haze. "We're home, Eric," her voice was gentle, her words an attempt to calm him down and not infuriate him even more.....

The next morning brought with it a sense of clarity and a wave of raw emotions. As sunlight filtered through the curtains, Tina's gaze settled on Eric, a mixture of concern and determination etched across her features. She couldn't ignore the pain of the previous night's confrontation; it demanded to be addressed.

With a deep breath, Tina's voice was firm as she looked into Eric's eyes. "We need to talk about what happened last night, Eric."

Eric's expression shifted from grogginess to realization, his gaze meeting Tina's with a mixture of remorse and uncertainty. He knew he had crossed a line, and the memory of his actions hung heavy in the air.

Tina's voice held a blend of hurt and resolve as she continued. "Calling me those names was way out of line, Eric. I won't accept that kind of behavior from you, no matter the circumstances."

Eric's gaze dropped to the floor, shame and regret weighing down his words as he replied, "I know, Tina. I messed up. I was drunk."

Tina's emotions were palpable, her voice carrying a mix of disappointment and a longing for understanding. "I need you to understand how your words affected me, Eric. You hurt me deeply, and it's not something I'll easily forget."

As Eric listened, the gravity of his actions settled upon him like a heavy cloak. The pain he had caused Tina was a stark reminder of the consequences of his recklessness. He nodded, his eyes filled with a mixture of regret and a determination to make things right.

"I'm truly sorry, Tina," his words held sincerity, a genuine acknowledgment of the hurt he had inflicted. 

Tina's gaze softened, a glimmer of understanding in her eyes. "It's going to take time, Eric. Rebuilding trust won't happen overnight."

Wednesday, August 16, 2023

When Readers Become Clients

Enjoying my days off, my creativity has returned, and I want to express my gratitude to all of you. 😊 Thank you for joining me on this journey.

In the dynamic world of blogging, I'm navigating a journey that blurs digital and tangible realities. As readers step from the virtual into real encounters, a captivating asymmetry emerges.

Meeting my readers in person unveils a unique dynamic. It's evident that they have delved into my experiences, unraveling my life's tapestry through my blog posts. They know me intimately, yet I remain unfamiliar with their lives. This dance of intimacy and anonymity, shaped by my role as a blogger and their role as readers, is thought-provoking.

Encountering them, I realize they know me better than I know them. Their insight into my life contrasts my limited knowledge of their identities, humbling as they recognize me while I remain in the dark.

Adding complexity, they come to see me as their disciplinarian. This positions me in a role of power while they find themselves in a place of vulnerability.

Our interactions are a mix of excitement, curiosity, and a touch of awkwardness. Balancing their deep understanding of me with my shallow knowledge of them is enhanced by their need for privacy. Often, only their first name is shared.

Their recognition reminds me of our connection, yet I'm on the periphery of their lives, aware of their virtual presence but unaware of their realities.

Emotions flourish in our meetings. Excitement and curiosity blend with the unfamiliarity of face-to-face encounters, unveiling facets absent online.

However, within this dance of asymmetry and enigma, authenticity resonates. Our conversations flow with ease, reuniting old friends despite unfamiliarity. The shared journey through my blog forms a connection surpassing barriers.

This journey teaches me that while knowledge asymmetry seems daunting, it fosters profound human connections. Our paths, as writers and readers, as disciplinarian and client, as spanker and spankee, intersect unexpectedly, blending the known and unknown.

Reflecting on this journey, I'm reminded that authentic connections emerge when we embrace the unknown's vulnerability.

Monday, August 14, 2023

A Letter of Unspoken Words

Dear Ex-boyfriend,

I've been grappling with my thoughts for a while now, trying to make sense of the silence that is between us. It's not easy for me to put these emotions into words, but I believe that every feeling deserves to be acknowledged.

I want you to know that the ghost of your absence still haunts me. The pain of your sudden disappearance left me with a void that I struggle to fill. I'm left with unanswered questions and untold stories. What once felt like a beautiful chapter in my life now feels like an unfinished tale.

Though time has passed, the wound of your silence remains. It's not just the absence of your presence but the absence of an explanation that has left me in pieces. The lack of closure has been a weight that's hard to bear.

I often find myself wondering what went wrong. Was it something I said or did? Or was it something I didn't say or do? The uncertainty has played havoc with my heart, making it hard to trust and move forward.

I understand that life takes unexpected turns, and sometimes people choose to part ways without explanation. But allowing ourselves to be vulnerable and honest can be the most humane way to bring closure to each other's stories. It's not about assigning blame; it's about understanding and respect.

I hope that someday, whether through words or silence, you find a way to mend what was broken. Closure doesn't mean rekindling what we had, but rather acknowledging the impact we had on each other's lives.

Until then, I'm left here with my thoughts and emotions, trying to navigate a path to healing. This letter isn't meant to burden you; it's my way of releasing these feelings that have been trapped inside.

Wishing you all the best in your journey ahead.

Saturday, August 5, 2023

I finally spanked a guy again and I loved it

 I am currently working on a new female led relationship book. Stay tuned for more :-)

Ok, here is the long awaited udate on my spanking life. 

I recently spanked a guy and loved it. :-) The gist of it is: I dont know who the guy is, all I know of him is his first name, and I am not even sure if he gave me his real name. This puts me in the very comfortable situation that I can write about the event without giving away too much info about the guy.

I had an exhilarating experience exploring my dominant side and enjoying a consensual power dynamic with this wonderful man. The encounter allowed me to take control and indulge in a spanking, and it was a deeply satisfying and empowering experience for me.

The guy was perfect. I saw him at my home and spanked him over my knees in my living room. So cool. I felt great.

He allowed me to do with him what I want to do. And in hindsight I think I was too nice to him, :-) like in telling him too often that I  believe in him and that I expect him to do better because he is so full of potential and that I want him to let his light shine. I expressed my belief in his potential and encouraged him to be his best selves. This added a huge element of emotional intimacy and connection to the experience. I am not sure if that actually turned him on as much as it did me, but hey, I just went with the flow and did what felt right.

I was touching him very possessively and he did not seem to mind it, lol

I sent him to the corner, and spanked him and paddled him and hugged him and paddled him and sent him to the corner again etc etc etc. It was a great scene. He could take a lot. And I was hapy to give it to him. 

At one point I even kissed him. Just because he was so fucking adorable, standing there in front of me, naked, with his red butt and trying to hold back tears and promising to do better. 

I hope he got as much out of it as I did. 

Saturday, June 24, 2023

sure, let's talk about me

I have been asked: what's behind The Strong Woman? Who is she when she's not feeding the sexual fantasies of hundreds of men?

Imagine you are on a first date and your lucky companion wants to know all about you, Tina, the very real person sitting across from him.

On a date I am pretty much an open book. Nothing is off limits. You can ask me anything and I might ask you all sorts of questions too. I dont like small talk. I always prefer having deep conversations

your proudest accomplishments,

Passing the bavarian bar exam. It consists of 11 consecutive days of exams and each exam is 5 hours long.

your most wistful hopes.

To get so much in shape again that I can run a marathon again. Last time I finished one was in 2008.

On a more serious note: I would love to change the american prison system. It's so fucked up, I am having a hard time to grasp that people are actually housed the way they are.

Why did you choose law over medicine or engineering?

 I am interested in humans and their feelings. I could talk about it all day long. 

How did you learn to write so well in English? I started to learn English when I was in 7th grade and never stopped learning. 


What do you miss most from Germany, other than certain people 

Being connected with nature, 

sitting in outside restaurants, 

going on long walks with friends, 

using real cutlery instead of plastic one, 

people paying attention to the environment and being aware that there is climate change and polution indeed.

What kind of books do you enjoy, music you listen to when alone?

I love reading about psychology and listen to musicians like Udo Juergens,  another song from udo J ,  Roland Kaiser or  Howard Carpendale. I also like Roger Whittaker

Do you have a favourite television show? Is there an actor or actress you just can't watch?

I love HOUSE MD and loved NCIS. I dont care much about Leonardo di Caprio. 

I hate stand-up comedy. It is not funny to me. And it is very hard for me to even  get the jokes because so much depends on a very good knowledge of the american language. And I hate it when people make jokes about anything related to Hitler and that time.

Favourite childhood treat? Everyhing my grandma cooked. 

Meal you most enjoy making? Pasta. Its quick and easy. But I am actually a pretty good cook. I used to and loved to make delicious meals for my mother in law.

Restaurant you love going to? I love Sushi. Going to a sushi restaurant is a sure way to make me happy

What colours do you most wear, what fabrics do you favour? Is there a season you prefer over others?

I dont care much about clothes. I am super easy in that regard. These days I am actually wearing my husbands golf shirts to work and shorts in all sorts of colors. I totally love to be outside. I prefer the summer  because I can go to the beach,

How would you define your political beliefs? Are you religious?

I am religious, yes. I am catholic and got married in a catholic church. But I dont agree with everything catholic, obviusly. 

As far as my politicak beliefs are concerned: I am a liberal.


Sunday, June 18, 2023

I am not good at balance in a relationship

In response to my last blog post, I received some interesting questions:

"But what about YOU? What do YOU want from an F/M relationship, what does it do for you? Is it sexual, as it is for most men? Forgive my crudeness but does it make you wet? Or is it more cerebral? Is it a desire for power, to be heard and respected and it's a way of achieving that? Does it give you a sense of worth that you feel is lacking in a more balanced relationship?

Do you want a man to give up everything to you, every atom of his being to simply obey you? I can understand the attraction of that, I think, but how does that work in real life? There are jobs and family and illness and celebrations and grieving and a million other things that make up life and that are more joyful or more bearable when shared with a partner. I don't think I could handle having those profound moments in my life dismissed by the woman I was devoted to, no matter how deep my submission." 

I am having problems answering some of these questions. I realize that my inner censor starts to kick in before I even bring my thoughts on paper. Nevertheless, I" ll give it a try.

For me, a F/M discipline relationship is sexual, yes. It turns me on very much. It always has. It's the stuff I masturbate to. It makes me wet and happy and gives me a wonderful feeling of being seen.

And it is also cerebral, yes. I have a huge need to be heard and respected. And domestic discipline has given me great moments where these needs were  met. The thing is, in my vanilla life I am a very service oriented person. It makes me happy to help other people and to support them and to be there for them. That's why I always had many clients when I was working as a lawyer. The people could feel that I was honestly interested in their well being. I genuinly cared for them and they could feel it. The same is happening in my new job as a nanny now. The toddler adores me and the parents value me because I am the most reliable nanny they have ever met. I tune into their needs and try to meet them. And more often than not I am very successful at it. 

I think here on my blog I might sometimes come off as weak and needy and whiney. But I  know that in my life I am able to solve all the problems that life is throwing in my direction.I had to learn at an early age to be responsible and self reliable. I am a problem solver. And I had to solve most problemes of my life alone. I am always full of ideas, I see opportunities, I am very flexible and I am always working on different projects. 

I sometimes ask men who contact me " tell me about yourself: what do you need me for, are you benefitting by being pushed or by being slowed down?"  I personally prefer the men who are driven, who need to be slowed down a bit. I can relate to them much more. 

But the past shows that I seem to attract men who (for whatever reasons ) are blocking themselves a bit from reaching their potential. I think they feel attracted by my strength and my energy. They enjoy the fact that a strong woman is there for them and their needs and they dont see that I need pampering too. My mom tells me it is hard to see/understand/know that I have needs too because allegedly I radate so much energy and ideas and an air of: I can do it.

T have been asked: " Is it a desire for power, to be heard and respected and is it a way of achieving that? Does it give you a sense of worth that you feel is lacking in a more balanced relationship? Thinking about it, yes, it is exactly like that, In a more balanced relationship, in my experiencem for me. there is no balance but I am doing all the heavy lifting. And that sucks. Big time. 

I see the man's submission in a relationship as a sign that he sees and appreciates and values everything I am doing fot him and the relationship. I work my ass off to make money, I keep the house clean, I cook, I go shopping and do all sorts of errands, etc ettc etc. And in a way, I am ok with it. But I want to have the feeling that the man sees and values what i am doing for him. I am ok with me being more driven than he is, and me having more ideas and me being out working while he is playing golf with friends. 

The man on my side has a good life. I will always make sure of it. The one thing I need from him is to let me have control and power in the privacy of our relationship. I am not expecting him to be my slave, but I want him to have my back.