Saturday, September 18, 2021

videos that turn me on

 I have been asked: 

"What activities, punishments, expectations drive your libido in its most erotic sense? Would you share it on your blog with us?"

Sounds like you had enough of me diving deep into my soul, lol. Ok, I hear you. Let's talk about something more fun. Here are a couple of videos that turn me on. I know that some of them are not exactly "mainstream", but hey, what can I say, they work for me.

Physical exercise with german domme

The fun thing is:  when I was a kid, we actually had a carpet like this and I remember exactly how one needed to use a certain sort of comb to  make the carpet look nice,

Here is another video that works for me. It is pretty much the same kind of scene as in the video above, but in English.

Physical exercise with strict domme

Here is another one that I like. I dont care much about dressing a guy in a dress, or sissification, but I do like the power exchange part. 

Obedience training F/M

I have always liked tickle torture. I had one boyfriend, who let me do it with him. That was a lot of fun ;-) I like the following sorts of scenes: 

Tickle torture F/M

The following video has a great dynamic, imho. It's short, but sweet. The husband wants the wife to unlock the cage:

Do you want me to unlock it?

Loving cople with husband in punishment cage:

Husband in punishment cage

This couple has been doing great videos . I wish they would still produce more. All of their videos were just amazing. Totally what I like.

F/M Loving couple. switchingg

I gotta go. TTYL


  1. Thank you Miss Tina.
    And I am never tired of you baring your soul. :)

  2. Miss Tina, Thank you soo much for these! Not only do they provide a window into your Dominance, but several of them fit my submissive desires. Although I am not caged, my Wife controls (limits) my orgasms, and expects my obedience. I love the obedience training video, although my compliance does not come from a fear of punishment, but rather a desire to serve, please, and be allowed to worship.