Saturday, December 31, 2016

corner time for Gregory

Gregory and I finally have the house for ourselves. No family members around who might hear something we are doing. It feels wonderful to have the pretty boy all for myself!

Just recently I decided it is time for him to spend some time in a corner again. I had been pampering him a lot in the last weeks and I felt a need to make sure he understands he is not only the man I love deeply, but also my boy.

Since we started dating, Gregory has spent a lot of time in a corner for me. I just like watching him while he is standing there; and I like the fact that he does not like corner times too much. ;-)

For some reason though I had not sent him to a corner for quite a while. And it seems like the longer I wait to make him stand in a corner, the more time passes between two corner time punishments, the harder it gets for him to do it when I am finally telling him again: "Go, stand in the corner". I guess I have to help him a bit by sending him to a corner more often again. The sweet boy needs a firm hand sometimes :-)

He had to set up the laptop and the  "virtual corner website", and I told him to stand naked in the corner.  It was actually  pretty hot. I was in the same room with him, he was naked, I was completely dressed, and he had to follow the instructions of a virtual domme. I was relaxing on the bed and enjoying the "show".

In the beginning he was fidgeting a bit, but the virtual domme scolded him immediately for it and Gregory knew that the computer would add punishment minutes if he does not stand completely still.

After a while I got so turned on by the whole scene that I started masturbating. I used the vibrator that Gregory had given to me as a gift months ago. And the fun thing for me was: Gregory could hear what I was doing, but he could not really see it. He once moved his head, but my virtual co-domme did an awesome job in scolding him immediately and reminding him NOT to move or turn around.

So, while poor Gregory had to stand naked and motionless in the corner, I helped myself to a wonderful and fulfilling orgasm.

Life is good!