Wednesday, March 31, 2010

my biggest pet peeve is...

A couple of days ago I heard the term "pet peeve" for the first term. And I really liked it. I don`t know why, probably because it was mentioned in my favourite tv show NCIS. Anyway, and here comes my point.... I was thinking about what my biggest pet peeve is.

My biggest pet peeve is being lied to.
I just hate it. It`s an absolute no-no. I can not accept people lying in general and even worse people lying right in to my face. I consider myself a very understanding person. There is really not much in human behaviour, words and deads, that I have not already heard of or dealt with in the past. This might sound braggy, however considering the many dramatic events in other peoples lifes I had the "pleasure" of witnessing, it seems an appropriate estimation. I have spoken to - and somestimes defended- arsonists, thiefs, con mans, people who cheated on their spouses, a pimp... you name it. In most cases it was not so difficult to understand the reasoning behind peoples actions as one might think. However, any collaboration has to be based on me knowing the plain truth.

For me sticking to the truth is essential for having a successful relationship. Clients who lie to me can not expect me to represent them adequately in a criminal court and -even more important- my private life partner better not lie to me ever either!

On the other hand I am realistic enough to know, that people actually do lie all the time. So my advice for all my potential domestic discipline partner is: If you ever consider lying to my, you better have a damn good reason. Because if I catch you lying, my wrath will not be easy to deal with. One of the advantages of being in a female led relationship is after all, that the women does have the prerogative to throw the book at the man. And I am definitely prepared to act accordingly.

In such cases the man can not expect some kinky love taps ending in great love making but drastic actions. The core area of the punishment has not to be a spanking, in fact, there is no need for the punishment to be corporal at all. Crucial point is, that the sanction I choose is a real chastisement for the man. Therefore the discipline can differ a great deal from man to man.

However, in my experience, spending endless hours of writing lines is a method which works pretty well for getting the man in the right head frame. No need to tell you, that only his best hand writing is accepted.If the paper does not satisfy my claims, he better be prepared to do it all over again. I just love the humiliating aspect of a grown man being treated like a 8year old kid.

I have learned in the past, that "forced exercise" is a fantastic means of punishing a man. I do e.g. not hesitate to make him do countless push-ups on the living room floor.
And for him getting up 1 hour earlier everyday for quite some time to do an workout on the treadmill will surely be not as pleasant as it is for me.

Furthermore, a man who chooses to lie to me has forfeit his privilege of having an orgasm. I`m not into using any chastity devices but I will be expecting the man to obey my command and act accordingly. He can surely expect a lot of teasing.

If I decide a spanking is in order to make amends, he better accepts it without much fuss. Even though I am often ready to negotiate, once I made up my punishment decision, I am not.

You may be certain that a man who deliberately lies to me is courting disaster.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

I am overwhelmed by your reactions!

Due to a lot of stress at work I haven`t been able to check my e-mail account in the last few days. And when I finally opened it today, I was stunned by all the friendly mails I got.

So many women did send me encouraging words, some true domestic discipline experts shared their wisdom with me and last but not least a couple of men showed their interest in getting to know me. So, what more can I wish for? I am going to try to answer each and everyone in the next days.
I have to tell you this support from you comes just in time, because I am going through a pretty crappy time lately. In the last 4 years I have been writing on a very important paper and now a professor tells me basically, that at least one chapter of my writing would fall far short. He is pretty annoyed with me right now and blames me for not putting enough effort in my work. And since I actually did work hard for this godawful 200 paper book, I am pretty pissed myself with the professor (and me, and life in general).

Anyway, more of the domestic discipline stuff in the next post.

Talk to you soon.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Getting in shape

By now erverybody should know, that I do not yet have a partner for a domestic discipline relationship. I did however receive many friendly and supportive e-mails from people within such relationships.Thanks to everybody who wrote me so far.

In order to prepare for my femdom future I decided to do more sport and get my body in better shape. I suppose it is always a good idea to have a sporty body if you are looking for a man. And the fact that I am preparing for a marathon in october surely is another incentive for boosting my athletic training.

As far as the shape of the body of the submissive is concerned:
I discovered that for me, this does not really matter. I actually do not care that much if the guy is small or tall, if he is overweight or very lean. For me is the psychological aspect the most interesting one. The fact that a man is submitting to me is of such significance, that the appearance is not that important. Even though I have to admit that I surely do recognize and savour a great body.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Submissive men - where are you?

Just found this on another blog.

"If men were as proficient and courageous as women at communicating their deepest, inner most feelings, the vast majority of relationships would be female-led to the extent that the women would overtly and shamelessly dominant their men."

I so do hope the author ( ) is right.

I have been craving to be in a female-led relationship for so long. Since the age of 13 I knew, that dominating men is a really turn on for me. However, it took me a long time to gather the courage to become active and start searching for a partner. I ve been reading so much about these kinds of relationships, it would be a shame if I never had the oportunity to be actually part of one.
So my dear readers, spread the news:
a new single woman is around who is ready to give a submissive man what he needs.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

force vs.force

Being not known by most of you, I feel the need to make a few basic comments.To lay out my ground rules, so to speak.

I`d like to make one thing clear right from the beginning: "Brute force is disgusting". I heard that quote a couple of years ago from Knut Koch, a german submissive actor
( )  and since then I have always kept that in my mind.

There definitely are situations where the submissive is not as eager to submit to his lady as one might wish to. In these cases the women might actually need to force the guy to his luck. No problem with that.

However there is a thin line which is  not to be crossed.  Since I am a lawyer I resort to legal terms. In the german constitution it says: "The dignity of man is inviolable. To respect and protect it shall be the duty of all public authority." And I am convinced: What is good enough for the constitution is certainly good enough for a domestic discipline relationship.

So even though I am willing to punish my man in many, many ways, there is no way I am going to make him lose his dignity.

Therefore: Any man out there who is thinking about contacting me can be assured that whatever I am going to hand out, however hard my chastisement is going to be, I am always keeping in mind that we are having a LOVING domestic discipline relationship.

This does not mean I am letting him get of lightly. He can expect to receive his just deserts. And since I am 1.80m tall I clearly have a lot of physical strenght. Not to forget my "lawyer eloquence" that will cause him a lot of anxiety. BTW, I used to work for the office of the district attorney for a few weeks.So I am pretty familiar with the means of making somebody fess up to something. I did not realise it at that time but now this knowledge comes quite handy, don`t you think?

Friday, March 19, 2010


I love the idea of having control over a man. A man being controlled by a women for me is a very appealing concept. I remember reading an article a couple of years ago about Hillary Clinton slapping Bill because of the whole Monica L. mess. And I recall clearly thinking: Thats the right thing to do. Even though Hillarys part was not quite as dominant as I would have loved....

I love control in general, no doubt about it. However I am not  a control freak. Quite the opposite. In real life I am facing many situations where I do have no control at all. Being a lawyer always involves a great deal of improvising and dealing with unforeseen problems. Not always are my clients doing as I told them. In a relationship however I expect my man to obey me.

First reactions

Since I first started this blog, various men have asked me to tell them, what kind of man I am looking for. Ok, my friends here comes my wish list:

A man who is independent in real life, someone who is willing and able to commit to our relationship. A man who does not expect me to be the ruthless dominatrix 24/7 but who is nevertheless accepting me being in charge. If there is- in my oppinion- need for a punishment, the guy has to have the ability to come to terms with everything I administer. Spankings, corner time, writing lines, doing chores, early bed times, orgasmus denial, scolding, humiliating or any other inventing punishment  might be in store for him. Someone who wants to get both my love and my correction.

I am looking for the real deal here. Not only a loose braggy internet contact but a honest, reliable real life partner.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

As you might have figured...

As you might have figured I am german. However I`d love to hear from people all around the world. I travel a lot and therefore I am able to meet you not only in Europe but the US as well.

Since I can remember I dreamt about being in a loving consensual domestic discipline relationship. I never had the courage to really go for my dreams but lately I figured: "so what, here I am, longing for a man to be disciplined by me, ..., girl just go for it".

So any advice from the more experienced of you: What ist the best way to procede? Any advice is much appreciated.
The goal is clear: getting actively involved in such a relationship.

Die starke Frau

Ich bin eine Frau, Single, Marathon-Finisher, Anwältin, politisch engagiert, unkonventionell und selbständig. Bin ich damit schon eine starke Frau?

Dieser Blog soll mir helfen, hier Klarheit zu bekommen. Unabhängig bin ich jedenfalls. Und eines sollte vielleicht auch noch erwähnt werden:

Ich bin auf der Suche nach einem Mann, der mit mir eine domestic discipline Beziehung eingehen will. Ein Mann, der fest im Leben steht aber keine Angst hat, sich vor mir schwach zu zeigen.

Ob ich so einen Mann finden werde? Wir werden sehen.