Monday, January 31, 2011

real life vs domestic discipline

I am going through a phase where domestic discipline is not relevant in my life.
Would love to tell you about hot thoughts, deeds or experiences, but there is NOTHING that I could share with you right now. (Well, I could tell you about the fact that my professor steped back from being my thesis supervisor, but that is not really the information most of you want to read here in my blog. Even though the thesis story is a real lesson in submission for me! Scolding, embarrassement, humiliation, punishments, is all there... )

Let me just tell you: If you are devastated because your d/s life is not good enough or even non-exisiting, and if you feel really sad about that fact... this only means that your general life can not be too bad right now.

I can assure you: If things get really ugly, domestic discipline is not going to be your prevailing thought.

Ms.Marie mentioned the therapeutic affect that domestic discipline can have for her. And I second her statement. But for me, this is only true when the problems are not too big. If however, as in my current situation, the challenges of life are really big, domestic discipline loses importance.