Monday, March 21, 2016

short update

Hi everybody,
just a short vanilla update on my life for those of you who are interested.

I sometimes wonder what old "online friends" like eg servingb, Her Majestys Plaything or MsMarie are doing. They stopped blogging and we probably wont ever hear from them again, which is a pitty.
So I decided to give you all at least an update on my life.

Basically: I am doing good. All is good in my life these days. As you know, my life in the last years has sometimes been quite a roller coaster, and therefore I am super happy now to have some balance and stability in my life.

I enjoy working in my law firm, my business is growing and clients trust me. I have established myself in the legal community.

Almost 2 years have passed since my beloved grandma passed away, and I am now slowly but surely regaining happiness and joy. I realize now how tired, exhausted, sad and depressed I was after my grandma`s death. It feels like slowly but surely a heavy curtain is lifted out of my life and /or off my shoulders. After grandmas death everything seemed hopeless and grey, and now the colors are returning into my life. A few weeks ago for the first time in "ages", I thought again: "Life is good".

I lost quite some weight and I feel super comfortable in my body again. Thanks Paul McKenna :-)

In my private life, I am very much focused inwards these days. I focus on me, me, me. I pamper myself as much as possible and I spend my evenings focused solely on myself. I rarely see friends, I rarely go out, I rarely talk to friends on the phone. It seems as if my "giving" capacity is completely empty at the moment. For years I had given and given and give. Now I am in the process of learning to receive. A friend sent me the following prayer, a prayer for me. And I am still stunned that he actually DID pray for me when I once told him in an obiter dictum: "say a prayer for me". It is still a foreign concept to me, that I can be the one who receives good things/thoughts without even having to do anything. But if you want to, feel free to join him in the prayer for me and for the man I love. Your good thoughts are much appreciated :-)

Almighty and Loving God,
I pray for Tina and her man, you know who he is.
Bless them according to each promise in your Word.
Bless them with knowledge of good choices, with your peace, love, joy and hope.
Help them reach the choices they can reach in relationship with you as your children.
Assure them of your love and compassion for both of them and for each of them.
Hold them in the shelter of your wings and in the palm of your hand.
Speak to them Lord God, about their choices and limits in the lifestyle they are choosing.
Assure them of your great love for each of them and for both of them
The most urgent request is that you shelter them, love them and help them live in their individual and united relationship with you through Jesus Christ.

This is my prayer, in Jesus name.  Amen.
LOL, and by the way, you have to give me credits for once starting a domestic discipline sex blog and now blogging in that blog about prayers  ;-)
I am not only professional successful , in a good mood, and good looking these days, I am also still super unorthodox and unique ;-)