Saturday, January 7, 2012

a proper scolding

I have done my homework and by now my scolding abilities have definitely improved. Remember all my whining about me not being able to scold properly in English?  Well, I am pretty sure that problem is gone now. My English is sometimes still -let´s say- "questionable", but this does not prevent me anymore from scolding like an expert :-)

I really am into giving  tongue- lashings. I think they are a very valuable tool for making a punishment a real punishment. They help a lot in creating the right atmosphere for the actual punishment. I want the man to feel it in his stomach, long before he feels it on his butt. I want to hear a pretty high number of "Yes Ma`am" long  before I even start to walk him in the corner or make him go over my knees or tell him that he has lost some privileges.

I enjoy hearing a man trying to calm me down, trying to soothe me, trying to convince me that he is sorry and that he understands why I am unhappy and that he will never do "it" again. This is better than any actual foreplay can be.

I love these moments, when I know that the man really does not want to be punished right now, when he is trying to talk his way out of the puishment, when he is coming up with reasons why he does not deserve "it".
And when I, -while all this talking is going on-,am dead sure that he IS going to be punished. And he, even though he knows too that there is no chance to get away with it, is still hoping that this time, just this time, I might give him a carte blanche.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

writing assignment

Happy New Year

After being in a terrible mood over the last months, the New Year definitely brought back some of my old power and strengths. I am feeling alive and full of dreams and hopes and inspiration again.

2010 was the year in which I was all focused on exploring my sexuality and finding the right partner.
In 2011 pretty much all I did was trying to somehow cope with personal drama and loss.
And 2012 is going to be the year in which I am focusing on money and business.

This is a request to all those of you who have had a chance over the last one or two years to get in a somewhat closer contact with me. Please do me a favor and drop me a short private e-mail and let me know what you think what the areas are that I am really good at. Close your eyes, listen to your gut feeling, think of me and then write me what -  in your opinion - my outstanding characteristics are.

I am about to do some major changes in my life and I need as much input from friends and people who "know" me as possible.