Saturday, November 16, 2019

dream versus reality

1. Honesty
I have always been honest here on the blog. The blog chronicles my love life in  the last almost 10 years. I do believe that the beauty of my blog and of my interaction with the readers is that we are not sharing fantasies but sharing our life.

I feel a bit vulnerable sharing the following stuff with you, but I think it is an important part of my kinky journey.

For me, the interesting and hot factor of this thing we do was always the reality factor. I get turned on when things are real. Real spankings, real tears, real aftercare and real "all is good now".

I was never interested in role play and games. For me, personally, role plays are ridiculous. (Sorry if I sound very judgmental.) They just don`t appeal to me at all. 

I tend to be attracted to the more stoic guys.  Guys who have a huge, soft and tender heart, but hide it under a hard shell. Guys who dont share their feelings openly. (Think of eg Gibbs from the tv show NCIS).

For me, the kink was always a wonderful way to see the sides that the guy usually hides. It gave me the feeling of being special.

Gregory however is not interested in the  "real life" part of the kink. He has told me so years ago. He prefers the fun/game factor of it.

He told me some time ago: "I dont wanna be spanked." I think it was not a general statement. I think it was only related to a day/evening when I had suggested: "hey you, let me spank you?"
His statement of "I dont wanna be spanked" changed something in me though. I realized that all power and control is with him. The elements that I were craving most are no longer in my hands.

I had experienced this with my ex boyfriend, who had suddenly stopped submitting to me. Back then I had tried a million different ways of making him submit to me again, but he never did it again. In hindsight I realize: He was not interested in doing it with me anymore, and there was nothing I could do to make him change his mind ever again.

When Gregory told me: "I dont wanna be spanked" it felt like: It´s game over. There is nothing I can do. I have to just suck it up and accept it.

I did not discuss my feelings with him. because frankly I had realized: There is nothing to discuss left. He is not into it. I am not into "forcing" him. So it (meaning: the kink) wont happen. I dont want him to submit to me out of pity. Or out of a sense of obligation.

I dont think I can change him, I dont wanna change him, and I dont think I can change my preferences either. 

That leads to him and I not having much kink in our life at all anymore.

It took me months to accept that my "kinky dreams" of a F/M domestic discipline relationship wont come to reality.

Our interaction is not kinky now but vanilla. I am still madly in love with him, I touch him constantly, and I know that even my touching him can be very dominant and possessive. And he is fine with that. Thank goodness.

2. Introvert
And on a side note: For me, being in a domestic discipline relationship was never a matter of me being a mean bitch who heartlessly bosses the guy around 24/7. For me, a F/M domestic discipline relationship has always been more of a deep, honest, meaningful, and secret bond between the woman and the man.

In a relationship my tendencies to please the guy are very strong. And sometimes it is very difficult for me to communicate my needs with the guy clearly. Things get especially difficult for me, if my needs collide with the guy`s need. If he is having fun and a good time, it is difficult for me to tell him  e.g. in a restaurant or at a bar: "please let´s go home now". I understand that he must be thinking something along the lines of: "What´s the matter with her? It´s not even 9pm and she wants to leave?!"  

And I dont wanna explain to him or remind him: "Honey, I am an introvert. I sometimes need some time for myself. I need to recharge my batteries. These people around me are draining me. I´d rather go home now and read a book. Please let´s go home now."  I know that Ferns would understand me ;-) but I also know that  I can seem pretty weird to extroverted people.

D/s was just an easy way for me to express my needs. No need for me to explain myself. An easy way for me to feel respected and cared for. I felt empowered and courageous and I felt like: he knows that I am taking good care of him, he trusts me and my decisions. He might not understand why I wanna leave now even though it is only 9pm and the party has only just started, but he comes with me because he knows deep inside his heart that I am not trying to make him miserable but that I have good and valid reasons for my early departure.

On the other hand: in situations where we are two adults on the same eye level, I tend to give in to the man´s needs. I give in until I am reaching a breaking point, and when I then tell him: "I wanna go now", i dont have the energy anymore to explain anything to him and he feels like: "she is no fun and intentionally making my life harder"

For a while I thought: well, maybe life is trying to tell me that it´s time for me to experience the other side. Maybe it is time for me to experience what it feels like to give up control, to submit, to be the one who gets the spanking.

 I suggested to Gregory stuff like: "you know what? I think one of us should get a spanking tonight. It can be either you or me; you can decide ;-)" It did not work out though. Nothing happened.

3. Playpartners
I want Greg to be happy though. And I dont want to limit him in having his needs met, that´s why I basically told him: "If you wanna do some kink activity outside the marriage, just go ahead. But please dont go to a young, beautiful woman, because that would break my heart. I am not ready to share you with a woman."

Me, I am not interested in doing anything kinky with a stranger. Because it does nothing for me. I need an emotional bond with the other person, to really enjoy kink. I need a long foreplay of conversations, laughter, and shared feelings. For me, doing anything outside the marriage is not even interesting.

4. Love
The really good thing is: I am 100% sure that Greg loves me with all of his heart. And I love him with all of my heart. We have overcome a lot in the last years. I am very happy that I found him. We are working on some major projects together and  I am still convinced that he is the greatest guy on earth :-)

Sunday, July 28, 2019

domestic discipline: who is gonna ask for it?

I read the following quote on femdom101. 
Men don't want to have to tell their Mistresses everything about Femdom and then have them act it out like a script in a movie. Nothing to do with being shy or nervous, the hardest thing for a submissive boy is having to constantly ask for being dominted because it takes away all the thrill. (...). Alex
I understand where Alex is coming from. And I agree. It is not fun for the submissive man to beg the woman to please dominate him.

I have been told many times by the man: "I cannot ask for it".
And I understand. The moment he asks, he is leading the situation. He is in control and the woman is not.

I am sure you all have seen videos where the woman is "allegedly" dominating the man and spanking him, while the man, with his bare butt in the air, still tells her to how to spank and where to spank and how fast to spank and how long to spank etc etc etc. I have seen scenarios like this a lot. And nothing turns me off more than a behavior like this.

From my point of view however, the situation for a dominant woman is not easier than the situation for a submissive man. As a dominant woman, I cannot ask for it either. 

The moment I ask, my power is gone. The moment I ask: "Can I spank you today because you look adorable and I am getting turned on by just looking at you ?", the moment my power is gone. 

The moment I ask: "Are you ok with me taking away some of your freedom, because I am really unhappy with how you have handled a certain situation?", it has nothing to do anymore with female dominance.

If however , in a loving and consensual relationship, the domme just acts without "asking", there is always the risk that the man is not complying. I know, I know, this sounds unheard of, but I can report that it has happened in my "dominant" life that the guy  pretty much told me "not now" , which is more or less an euphemism for "no".

His reasoning can be multifaceted. He can have stress at work, maybe he is feeling not well, maybe he is just not in the mood or maybe he just watched the news... who knows.

Years ago Ferns wrote a very smart post about the subject " If your submissive says no". Over the years I have read that post over and over again, Trying to become a better dominant woman. And still, it has happened. I just went for it, did not ask the guy, and he said no,

I consider myself to be a pretty emphatic person. I am an introvert. An enneagram type 2, an INFJ. I am usually great at reading other people and their feelings. I put a lot of work and thoughts in any potential domestic discipline situation. Nevertheless, it has happened to me that I plotted the greatest scenes, and the guy said : "Nope." 

That is a feeling I dont wish on anybody....Everytime a situation like this happened, I felt like a fool.

The only thought that made me feel a bit better is that I am not alone. It seems to be a pretty common thing. E.g. Dan, from disciplinary couples club, openly shares the stories of how his wife is trying to limit his alcohol intake. He says he wants his wife to step up the game and be more controlling and dominant, but when she actually does it, he does not follow through with her orders.

On fetlife there is a whole group dedicated to the phenomenon: "the push/pull of fearing a genuine, severe punishment spanking, yet also craving it on some level" 

Guys, that´s a mental inner barrier that the woman cant take away from you. You got to make the decision to step into the unknown and let the woman actually lead.

Another commenter at the femdom101 blog said:
Dominance is work. It takes time and devotion and firm resolve to be successful. Many Dom/mes find that they enjoy being in control, but only those ready to thoroughly train their submissive partners find that true Femdom relationship works well. (...).larry

I agree with Larry´s comment. I would like to add though: the submissive needs to be willing to let himself be trained.

Thursday, July 25, 2019

this thing we do

Today is the hottest day of the year in Germany. I am doing nothing but staying inside and trying to stay cool. This gives me the opportunity to finally write another blog post today.

Things with the blog have become a bit complicated for me.
I am happily married to Gregory. He is who I think of most of my day; and my D/s, femdom, or generally kinky thoughts are all related to him. He has told me in the past though that he does not want to appear in the blog much. 

For a while I considered just giving up the blog, but the blog has been so important for me over the years, it has given me so much input, and insight, and cool conversations with people , I really dont wanna give that up.

I have however completely given up to reply to private emails that I get on my email account. It just did not feel right anymore. But I am still replying to public comments that I receive. I want everything I do online to be transparent. I am a married woman now. It took me a long time to get married, lol, I am doing whatever it takes now to keep that marriage as happy as it is :-)

We gotta see how I can keep the blog running and at the same time not speak much about Gregory.

The longer I think about it, the more I am thinking that it is nearly impossible for me to write anything about my kink without mentioning my husband. I mean: he is the one who I focus my lust and needs and wants and desires on. For a while, in the very very very beginning of my relationship with him, I had a online sub who wanted to write lines for me. I was in a good mood , the sub was a fine human being, and I allowed him to write for me.  And he wrote a lot for me. Many many pages. 

It ended in a very unsatisfying way for both him and I. I didn`t feel pleasure when I received his lines. And he did not feel validated by me. I still feel a bit guilty when I think of that sub. I realize I was not giving him what he craved and needed and also deserved, because my mind was already on Gregory alone. The lines I received from the sub did not reach me emotionally. I knew that he was opening his heart to me, but I could not reciprocate, because my heart was already taken.

I have always said that for me "this thing we do " is not just superficial fun, but more of a holy, bonding, deep and meaningful human interaction. That´s one of the reasons why I don`t watch self -spanking videos. They always make me sad. In my view, in a self-spank situation the decisive element is missing: the other person. I think most of us are beating ourselves up in our minds too often already anyway. I see no sense in now adding self-inflicted physical pain to the self -inflicting emotional pain that we are putting ourselves through with our inner conversations. 

I have a tendency to blame myself for everything that goes wrong. I am my own harshest critic. I have never thought: "I wish my partner was stricter with me". Never EVER. I have often thought though: "I wish my partner was more lenient with me." When I was in a relationship with my ex, it very often felt like I had to walk on eggshells around him. I was often in fear that I would do something he did not like and I would accidentally step on an emotional landmine. I was always trying to anticipate if whatever I am doing is ok/acceptable for him. I often had the feeling that if I am not very very careful I might accidentally do or say something that really , really, really pisses him off. 

I dont deal well with pressure coming from the man in my life. I feel like: the world is such a mean and harsh place, my man is supposed to have my back and comfort me and support me, not adding to the pressure I am already feeling.

I can be mean and bitchy in court, but I cant do it with family or my husband. In a private setting I am always willing to err on the side of caution and lenience. It might surprise you, but Gregory has often lovingly told me: "if you want something, speak up, girl"

"The thing we do" allows me to speak up and not feel guilty. That is a huge thing for me.

Saturday, May 25, 2019

am I really a dominant woman?

I had a successful day in court yesterday.
I helped a guy from Pakistan to get a German residence permit. With that permit he will be able to bring his wife and kids to Germany too. (And btw: It is totally BS that Germany is completely overrun by refugees.)

The case had been going on for over 2 years and I had fought hard for the client.
I felt like the queen of the world yesterday. My work of many years had finally payed off. I had overcome a lot of obstacles during that case, and in the end the judge even granted my client legal aid, which means my long work was not completely pro bono.

The responsibility of that case had been very heavy on my shoulders. The clients whole family relied on me and counted on me and my work. In a way, by deciding to represent that man in court I changed the fate of  his whole family.

Yesterdays success was based among else on the fact that I dominated the court room. 

The question I wanna discuss now is: 

Am I really a dominant woman? 

I am a woman, that´s for sure, lol, but the question is: am I really dominant ?

Sure, I can be super dominant sometimes, my siblings can attest to that.

And I have been a real ass in court to some opposing lawyers and their clients.

I am fearful in situations when you would not expect it, but generally speaking I think it is correct to say that I am courageous and bold.

But I do notice that in relationships with men my main focus is often on making them happy, not myself.

I wanna share some aspects of what happened in the past, in the relationship with me and my ex-boyfriend  years ago.

It started out as a kinky and very D/s , F/m oriented relationship. I spanked him, I made him write lines, I sent him to bed early, I made him cry, I gave him a belting with his own belt, I fucked him, I dominated him in the best sense. It was good and I loved it. I felt powerful and happy.

But then, over time, his willingness to submit to me secretly faded. I told him to do things and he did not do it. When I confronted him about it he came up with hundreds of excuses of why he could not do it. Or why he could not do it now or yesterday or why he cant do it tomorrow. He used logic and reasoning against me. And I bought into it. I believed him. 

At the time, he was going through a rough time, and he actually did have to take care of a lot of other things, but in hindsight it is clear: he just did not wanna submit to me anymore.

He did not end the relationship with me though. He did not tell me explicitely: "I dont want that 
anymore. "  Instead he gradually stopped submitting to me. 

 I tried all sorts of approaches. I negotiated with him, I teased him, I argued with him, I confronted him, I asked him for answers. I asked him: "What do you want? Do you want a, b, c, d, e or f?" 

But in asking him all these questions and in trying to make him share with me what is going on in his head/mind, he shut more and more down and I lost all power and control and all my dominance. Suddenly he was dominant and in control and I was begging. I was more and more submitting to him, because I wanted to understand what he wanted. I felt more and more helpless and powerless and angry. 

But he never gave me an honest answer. And in the end he ghosted me. 

It took me a while to realize what he had actually been doing.
Since then, I have wondered often if I should have just kept  on with dominating him. I mean it would have been a big step  from sort of kinky/consensual to very real life/not consensual.

But one thing is for sure: I dont wanna be in a relationship where the man is actually /really/honestly afraid of me.

Here is my warning to all you guys out there: be careful if you say you are going to obey your lady and then dont actually follow through with it. 

For me, this feels like a betrayal. The gift of submission is such a deep and meaningful gift, having it taken away again is very hard to stomach.

And if you really feel the need to take that gift away, please have at least the decency to tell the woman what you are about to do.

So, back to the question: am I a dominant woman?
Hell yeah. I love all sorts of D/s related stuff. It turns me on immensely. And:
If a man honestly and wholeheartedly submits to me, he can get pretty much everything from me. His submission brings a sparkle in my eyes.

because a few of you were asking: yes,  Gregory and I are happily married :-)

Saturday, February 16, 2019

why are so many of you Americans?

Just a quick question that I have been wondering about for a long time:

Why is it that the most readers of my blog are Americans?

Google tells me that the vast majority of my readers are from the US. Far, far behind are Germans and people from UK. All the other countries play almost no role in my statistics at all.

I always liked the fact that so many Americans are reading my blog. I love the Americans, always have, always will :-)  It surprises me though that whatever I am writing is obviously most interesting to Americans. Do you have any theory why that is?

Whenever I mention the word "punishment lines" or "writing lines as punishment" the numbers of  readers of my blog increase a lot. The blog post with the most views ever is about "punishment lines". It´s from 2012, but still gets viewed a lot,  here is the link.

Monday, February 4, 2019

Giving and taking control

I got into an online discussion with Dan recently, that got unexpected deep for me. 

(The whole exchange can be found here in the comment section .)

I had written: 

"From my point of view, there is nothing more heartbreaking and hurting than being told "take control" and then the guy does not actually give me control. It has happened many times to me. And every incident is engraved in my memory. I have told guys to do something and they did not do it, did not obey. It is a terrible feeling for me. Sucks the energy out of me. Makes me feel small and worthless. 
To quote Ferns: D/s takes two people. As a dominant, I CANNOT be second guessing whether he will do what I want or not, I need to trust him to submit. If I can’t trust him, it leads to a headspace that looks like this:
“Should I ask him to get me some water? What if he says ‘no’? He looks pretty comfortable, maybe he won’t want to get up. Ahhh, he’ll say ‘yes’, I’m sure he will. Maybe he won’t… what if he doesn’t. Ahh, hell, I’ll just get it myself, I don’t want to fight about it.”
Soon, she is not dominating him anymore, she is just getting him to do things that she hopes he won’t mind doing. He then wonders what happened to the fearless Domme he used to adore and she wonders what happened to her lovely submissive."

And Dan replied with:

"do you notice how much your comment focuses on him "giving" you control and the effect it has when he asks you to "take" control but he does not easily "give" it? If the entire dynamic depends on him submitting easily, willingly, consistently . . . then he may have given up control but have you really "taken" it? Is Dominating really dominating if it is 100% dependent on the other person yielding quickly and easily? I used to ride horses. I never found controlling the spiritless ones to be very satisfying, and if my ability to stay in the saddle depended on them never bucking, did the deficiency lie with them or with me . . . Food for thought."

Dan´s comment hit me right into the heart. It was obviously spot on, because I read it, I felt terrible and I felt an urgent need to defend myself and to explain myself. That´s always a good indicator that the other person has made an interesting point. :-)

So what´s going on:
Well, I like being in control. And I am in control A LOT of my time. And often I just TAKE control. It comes with being a lawyer, boss and oldest kid. To me, it feels like: I have taken control so often in my life, I am in control in so many areas, I dont need to proof to anybody that I am able to just TAKE control.

But within a relationship, I want my man to GIVE the control to me. I dont wanna "tame a wild stallion". (I am not good with animals anyway.) I want a man who is in control of his life, and who freely hands the control over to me. I dont want a man who is "spiritless". Far from it. The men in my life have always been very dominant and tough.

I just dont wanna go into a power struggle with my man. Nothing turns me off more. It´s a waste of energy and to me, personally, it feels like disrespect.

I dont want my man to test his boundaries with me. I expect him to be grown up enough not to do that. I have to be so fucking grown up and responsible and solution orientated in my life, I just dont wanna waste any time with a guy who acts childishly.

I want my man to know that I know that he is manly, and strong, and powerful and awesome. There is no need for him to proof that to me. If I would not think he´s the greatest, I would not be in a relationship with him.

I want him to support me, and I am willing to support him. And sometimes supporting me means serving me. I was with Gregory at one of his business events recently. He was working hard. And me, I spent the whole event running back and forth to make things easier for him and to be of help. Did he ask me to do that? Of course not. He did not need to. I am his wife, I WANT to support him. I WANT to make his life easier, I WANT him to succeed in what he does. If that means I have to serve him , I am more than willing to do it.

I am willing to jump in front of a car for my man. And the best way my man can support me is by serving me, by just doing what I want him to do in that moments when life gets crazy. Whether he likes it or not. I want his submission as a gift. I don`t want to TAKE anything from him. I want to be given something from him.

I think it is a bit like this: I know I can TAKE it from him. As a lawyer, I am thinking about ways of getting things from people all day long. I know how to use fair and unfair and even manipulative means to get things from people.

But I dont want to do that in my private life. And I especially don`t wanna do that in the relationship with my husband.

And one additional aspect:
I dont wanna be resented by my man for what I do or do to him. And I dont wanna be resented for having control or being in control.

I am craving obedience and support, not power struggle and resentments.

A Dana Kane video came to my mind. I usually like Dana Kane´s stuff a lot. I think she is great. And I am following the story of the Very Bad Boy and his wife for years. This specific video though, it actually pissed me off when I watched it. I had this feeling of : "For fucks sake, why is he not just doing what he is told? What is this stupid resisting all about? Why is he complicating things so much."

The Very Bad Boys wife, she is obviously trying to give him what he craves. He seems to be in need of the physical pain, and she is willing to do what is necessary to make him happy. Dana is the one who actually inflicts the real pain, but the wife is doing what she can within her abilities.

So, my question is: why is it so important for him to make a point that Dana and the wife are not getting through to him? Why does he feel a need to joke around and mock them, instead of just saying: "Thank you for all you are giving to me and doing for me."?

I know, I know, this thing we do is a very personal thing. There are hundreds of flavors to it. And good for everybody who found what he /she likes. But for me, everything related to power struggles, resentments, and testing limits is just super off turning.

I dont wanna break my man. I dont want to make his life more difficult. I dont want him to really suffer. 

To me, personally, it feels like: I want my man to know: "Baby, I got you. I am taking good care of you and us." I want him to know that I am there for him. Seeing him happy and fulfilled makes me happy and fulfilled. I think Gregory would testify that I am always striving to make him happy.

I dont wanna be in a relationship where the guy is actually afraid of me. I dont wanna be in a relationship where he obeys me because he thinks he has to obey me or something very bad will happen. I dont wanna be in a relationship where the man resents me for telling/asking him to do something for me.

I want him to do even unpleasant things not because he has to but because they make ME happy. Seeing him standing naked in a corner with his hands on his head is just super hot for ME. Telling him he cant come tonight because I dont want him to, that´s a huge turn on for ME. Letting him know that he will get a spanking later today makes ME happy.

Sometimes it is the smallest things that make me happy. I sometimes kiss Gregory in public and he gets all shy. He is not into "public display of emotions" AT ALL. For me, kissing him in public is awesome. I wanna show the world that he is mine. I do that all the time and Gregory lets me.
He told me though: "Not in front of my friends, not in front of the guys".

I think that it would be perfectly ok to kiss him even "in front of the guys". But I dont do it. I could, but I dont do it. For me, it is much much hotter to one day unexpectedly tell him: "I want you to kiss me now, right now, in front of the guys." He will not like it, he will feel very uncomfortable, but if he gives in, if he "hands me control" and if he lets me have my way, not because he has to, but because he WANTS to make me happy, I will feel AMAZING.

For me, being given control by my husband is much much hotter than just taking it away from him.

Friday, February 1, 2019

I got my first spanking EVER

I know, I have not written in a very long time. There are a couple of reasons for my silence. It feels like I have reached my goal, I found the love that I was looking for, I got married and found my man. I reached the goal that I had when I opened this blog almost 9 years ago.

Over these years, I texted with so many men, I listened to so many stories, I learned so much about men and myself, I learned so much about this thing we do and why we do it, and how we do it... I somewhat lost interest in these exchanges. I dont think that there is much left for me to explore.

I am very happy now. I love Gregory and I am telling him daily how happy I am that he is mine. It is great to be married. I do enjoy married life a lot. 

I think I never had trust issues. But with Gregory, right from the start, it was especially easy. He trusted me and I trusted him. Period. We are still living a lot of time in different time zones and on different continents. Trusting each other is essential when having such a life style. And I feel so calm and at peace with everything Gregory does, it is a wonderful feeling. 

I still sometimes borrow his phone for events that I have to go to. I still dont have an american phone myself and I need his phone as a navigation instrument to drive to the places I want to go. He always hands me his phone, trusting me with his whole online life. I still feel like: "wow, this man is amazing". 

I never even secretly briefly glance at anything that is on his phone. Never. All I ever use is google maps. I know that if I would ask him, he would show me whatever I wanna see or know. Sometimes he tries to hide from me what porn he watches on the computer, lol, but I always tell him: "Dont be embarrassed, I am watching exactly the same stuff " ;-)

The fact that I trust Gregory on such a deep level was the basis to something very extraordinary. I finally got my first spanking:-)

It happened a few weeks ago. I was in a playful mood and I told him: "Let me  spank you." He did, lol, because he knows how much I love doing it and how much I love everything that involves him being naked and me being able to touch him. We usually do it CFNM style. I am having a blast seeing him naked and a bit shy, while I am still more or less dressed.

Anyway, I hand spanked him, he was "enjoying" it, I WAS enjoying it, and afterwards I got naked and cuddled up to him. It felt so emotionally warm and wonderful and secure, and suddenly I said words I have never ever said before. I told him: "Spank me!".

He looked at me a bit surprised and said something like: "I think this is not your thing? You sure?" 

I replied: "yes, I am sure. I want you to do it. Spank me. But dont be too hard on me." I was afraid of my own courage, lol, and wanted to keep some control ;-)

And without further ado he started to spank me on my naked butt.

I enjoyed it, very much. Gregory is good at it. He knows what he is doing. It was great. Intimate. Personal. Sweet. Pleasant. Delightful. And I was completely surrendering to the situation.

I remember suddenly thinking: "wow, that is such an energy exchange. The spanker is giving so much, that´s amazing".

I think I have written endlessly about the fact that when I am the dominant woman, I am giving a lot to the submissive man. And in this moment, when Gregory spanked me, I could feel how much he is giving to me. It was a super revealing moment for me. It felt like Gregory is showering me with love and energy and attention. It felt like he is mirroring to me what I am always doing to him. I had never before given up control like I did in that moment. The "strong woman" was finally strong enough to allow herself to be weak in the arms of her man. That is great success, dont you think? ;-)

I am so happy he is in my life. I am so happy he is my husband. I am so happy he is mine.

Friday, September 14, 2018

it is with great pleasure that I announce...

Gregory and I got married.

Yes, we actually did it. We got married in the US and he is my husband now.

The wedding was wonderful. Short and sweet and exciting. 

The honeymoon was romantic and full of laughter and fun and joy.

We are happy and overjoyed.

He told me recently: "Babe, I married up." And I replied: "Nope, I am the one, I married up."

We went to church together recently, for the first time as a married couple. I saw in the hymnal that it was St. Gregory´s day. I showed it to him and we both smiled.

Life is good. :-)