Saturday, January 21, 2017

a very hot moment for me

Shortly after my arrival in the US, Gregory and I went to a Christmas party together. It was a very cool party. Great people, great food, a great atmosphere. I liked his friends and colleagues immediately and had a lot of fun there.

The wives and girlfriends of his colleagues were super interested in me. And we got along very well. The men were talking business and art and the women were talking "relationship stuff". It was one of the best parties I have been in a very long time.

Generally speaking: when Gregory goes to a party, he usually stays till the very end. Me, I tend to leave early. I usually "jump"right into very deep conversations with people and after a while I feel that the important aspects have been covered, and I am ready to go home.

I wanted Gregory to have fun, and I did not want to spoil anything for him, but I was still jet lagged and tired and after a while I was ready to go. I looked over to Gregory and the other guys, and I saw that they were laughing and drinking and having a good time.

I saw them and I thought: "well, this is gonna be difficult, to "make" him leave with me now." I was expecting some sort of "negotiation" with him. I was pretty sure that he wanted to stay longer at the party. And I felt that if he started to "negotiate" with me now, I did not have good arguments at all. He was having fun there, he deserved to have fun, I wanted him to have fun, Christmas is only once a year... but at the same time I wanted to go home.

Somewhat reluctantly  I said: "Gregory..."
He looked at me and asked: "You wanna go home?"
I only nodded.
And without hesitating for one second he said to the other guys: "I gotta go home now."
We said good bye to the other guests and were in the car on our way home within minutes.
He said to me smilingly: "I am sure the guys are confused now, lol. I have never left a party early like this."

I know, it seems like a small thing, but for me it was HUGE. I am not sure whether Gregory even knows, but his behaviour during this party was super hot for me. It was one of this moments of: "I LOVE this man!" I feel warmth and love flow through my body every time I just think at that moment. I was and still am blown away by his willingness to put my needs first.