Monday, January 31, 2011

real life vs domestic discipline

I am going through a phase where domestic discipline is not relevant in my life.
Would love to tell you about hot thoughts, deeds or experiences, but there is NOTHING that I could share with you right now. (Well, I could tell you about the fact that my professor steped back from being my thesis supervisor, but that is not really the information most of you want to read here in my blog. Even though the thesis story is a real lesson in submission for me! Scolding, embarrassement, humiliation, punishments, is all there... )

Let me just tell you: If you are devastated because your d/s life is not good enough or even non-exisiting, and if you feel really sad about that fact... this only means that your general life can not be too bad right now.

I can assure you: If things get really ugly, domestic discipline is not going to be your prevailing thought.

Ms.Marie mentioned the therapeutic affect that domestic discipline can have for her. And I second her statement. But for me, this is only true when the problems are not too big. If however, as in my current situation, the challenges of life are really big, domestic discipline loses importance.


  1. Maybe u should contemplate ur "domestic discipline" activities a bit, and make a decision if u really want them to belong to ur d/s life. They certainly don't belong to mine :)

  2. Dear Die starke Frau, I know you are a dominant woman, but can I ask you a personal question. Have you ever been spanked in your life at home, or school. Or wished to be spanked now as an adult. Just for the experience.

  3. @sixofthebest: Nope, have never been spanked in my whole life.
    @Ayesha: there is neither domestic discipline nor d/s in my life right now.

  4. Hmmm, that's odd. Surely, at times d/s simply manifests itself like a flickering candle light, while resembling the fury of a blazing inferno at other times, but it never leaves a femdom.

    Be this as it may, skip the first in case it comes knocking at ur door again, and cherish the second no matter its intensity.

  5. Ärger Dich nicht zu sehr über Deinen Doktorvater. Es wäre nicht die erste Dissertation, die von einem Wechsel profitiert. (o:

    Im Übrigen finde ich es sehr amüsant das Bild des verstockten Juristen hier widerlegt zu finden.

  6. Tina, Thank you for this post. It puts so much into perspective and should make us all realise that we should make the most of relationships and not complain when our flr is a little out of synche. Thank you.

  7. Tina, Thanks for this post. For me it's a reality check. Maybe we should all realise that it's our relationships that matter most and we should not complain if our flr is a little bit out of psynche