Sunday, December 28, 2014

domestic discipline to my liking

I have written about this couple and their awesome video clips already, but this new video clip is just too good to not comment extensively on it.

I am lacking words to describe how much this clip turns me on. There is sooooo much in it, I do not even know where to start. So I will focus on the first 2 minutes of the clip.

I have been asked recently by a domestic discipline newbie: "are you really strong? I mean, what if I start to fight back once I am over your knees?"

(Btw: I finally DID end it with my boyfriend. Or better: I finally accepted that he is not longer interested in me. I released him, told him he is free again. So now I am free again too. Feels very strange though. Very unfamiliar. As soon as I had understood that he really does not want it/me anymore, I was able to let him go. I was always only interested in seeing him happy, and if I can't add to his happiness anymore, there is no sense in "forcing" myself into his life. DD is to 100% dependent on the partners being in it willingly, voluntarily, out of their own will. If he is not in it freely anymore, I understand that it is my responsibility to respect his feelings and withdraw myself immediately. And I did.)

So the new kid on the block/ blog asked me: "What if I was over your knees and what if I - for instance out of reflex, or triggered by old wounds -  started to fight back?  I am almost 190 cm tall" 
And I explained to him what this video clip shows in a wonderful way: if there is real loving domestic discipline going on, the physical size of both the man and the woman does not matter at all. The power exchange does not happen due to real physical power, but the power exchange happens mentally and emotionally.

The man has to give up control and power freely. The man can be -like the guy in the video- a tough former marine and the woman can be petite and still she can discipline him in a way that he will reach his emotional limits. There is no bondage needed. Part of the beauty and depth of domestic discipline comes from the fact that the man COULD always end it immediately, but CHOOSES not to end it.

The video starts with a wonderful, rarely to be seen, camera angle. Right in the guys face. He is sitting, the woman is standing and from the beginning there is no question  AT ALL who is in control here.

She starts to scold him and she is almost immediately reaching him emotionally. His body language is  just cute. Already at 0:25 is he touching his face/cheek with his hand without any obvious reason. It seems as if he is trying to sooth himself. And at 0:50 he is looking down, clearly avoiding her look.  I love how she gently touches his shoulder around 1:00 and his defeated look when she mentiones the  word "spanking".

He is trying to "safe his dignity" by making jokes, but she does not play along with his playful remarks and stays serious. It is so hot to see when he instinctively closes his eyes for a moment, when she tells him he is gonna get a "hard spanking" (1.23). For the first full 2 minutes of the video, she is  basically calmly but sternly telling him, that he will get spanked.

He has all the time of the world to tell her: NO. But he does not do it. He just accepts her authority and submits to whatever she intends to do. She eventually sits down, he is standing, and - without even saying it explicitly, - she orders him over her knees. 

He obeys and the real spanking can start. For me though, the prelude itself was one of the biggest turn ons I have seen in a long time.


  1. Dear Lawyer,

    I read your blog with great interest.
    About the remark of the newbie regarding the disciplinary lady's physical strength :
    it should never be a wrestling match.
    The submissive man should undergo and endure his punishment in a self-controlled way
    without wiggling or kicking.
    In most cases the receiving man is physically stronger than the disciplinary woman so
    in case of a wrestling match the man will mostly win.

    However, there is a technical issue. When the person being spanked is exposed to very
    sudden intense pain, his body might react by uncontrolled reactions.
    It is best a man gets some opportunity to get used to an intense pain level.
    When you deliver hard fast slaps on a cold bottom with for instance a firm hard wooden bath brush,
    the pain level is very intense and sudden and will run up to maximum pain tolerance like a Ferrari.
    And only a real masochist or non-responder will lie still and undergo.

    The lady in the three clips did that very well. She started with scolding him, so he got mentally
    prepared on things to come. The first slaps were hard from the beginning but the pace was not too fast. A good disciplinarian can 'read' the body of the person she disciplines. She knows how
    much he can endure.

    So here is a very special form of communication. He shows his submission to her by undergoing
    and taking her punishment while she will give him the feeling he is, in spite of the pain she makes him suffer, safe in her hands.
    And that to me is a wonderful way of communication.



  2. "So here is a very special form of communication. He shows his submission to her by undergoing
    and taking her punishment while she will give him the feeling he is, in spite of the pain she makes him suffer, safe in her hands.
    And that to me is a wonderful way of communication."

    I agree. This pretty much sums it up !

  3. Hello Starke Frau,
    Thanks so much for this wonderful clip. A strict and painful spanking administered with love and respect. Fantastic!!
    With regard to the newbie question. I am a submissive male and I am larger and stronger than my wife. This has no bearing on my submission to her authority. It is indeed the emotional power exchange that is at work. I could easily over power my wife physically, but I do not. I stand before her while she scolds me and I hold whatever position she asks while she applies the hairbrush, paddle and strap to my bare behind. Sometime I am crying freely even before the first spank is administered.
    There is, for me, great pleasure in the submission even thought the spanking is sometimes very painful.
    When it is all over I am so grateful to her for being woman enough to whip my naughty behind that I bury my head between her legs and lick her clitoris like a hungry little puppy.

  4. Hi Tina,

    Just caught up with your blog and situation. So sorry to hear about all the pain you went through. I have a lot of thoughts about it, but nothing that would be probably be helpful to add. Just glad you're ok.

    Lots of love to you,

  5. There is huge strength in being vulnerable. I admire you greatly.

  6. This truly was one of the most affecting disciplinary clips I've seen. I love her firm attitude, his recognition of his need to be punished for his behavior, and then her lovely attention to having him satisfy her needs.

  7. This truly is a wonderful clip: the combination of her marvelous firmness, his acceptance of his need to be disciplined for his behavior, and her attention to having him satisfy her needs all make it terrifically erotic in the best sense.

  8. I definitely like this one. Spankings are definitely better when the husband is dominant and gets into position for a spanking on his own free will, with a sacrificial attitude that he is doing this freely for her benefit.