Friday, June 11, 2010

fantasy...? had enough!

I think I did not yet complain much in my blog. So this post will be about me giving vent to my feelings.

And no, it is not written with a special man in mind. If I choose to exchange e-mails with a man, I am convinced from the bottom of my heart that he is a great guy. Therefore I do not want to get apology-mails.I do not want to hear apologies right now, because then, knowing me, of course I would say.: "It´s ok." But it is actually not.

And what are my options anyway? There is no way for me to actually give an attitude adjustment or administer corporal discipline to any of you at this point of time.

Btw: All I can say is that the Germans could not keep up with the Americans, which does not really make things easier for me....

So I could start a scene. Make the man do or not do something.But the thing is, than I would have to focus on the man again. I would be busy with thinking about what would work for him and what not. And to be honest, that can be pretty difficult and exhausting for me. Even though I am enjoying it, I am giving quite a lot of energy, thoughts, feelings and emotions.

And momentarily I want to be the one receiving care and comfort. I want to be pampered and showered with love. And just a "I would give you a great massage" is not enough. I want my man to pay attention to my needs. Because I am for sure doing the best I can to make it good for him.

I am definitely ready to move from fantasy to reality now.

I know, you men out there are busy, you need to deal with a lot of things. And thats fine with me. Would not want for you to be wimps.I want you to be sucessful and triumphant.And I know being that is a time consuming thing.

For me it is important that the man really "sees" me, that he is taking notice of my whole personality. I am not only a young german woman who can provide you with some jerk off fantasies. I am much more.

And to answer the "faq"s once and for all:
Yes, I am tall.
Yes, I have long legs.
Yes, my boobs are not bad either.
But then keep in mind that I am a lawyer, and not some professional athlet or a hot girl from a table dance bar...

Will be gone for the weekend, hope I am feeling better on monday...


  1. Tina:
    Reading between the lines it seems you have some number of offers of online relationships. I would think they could become very demanding of your time and you would also not see the benefits of the person's attention in your everyday life. Though I have no experience with such relationships, I had fantasies for a longtime before I met my current partner. The reality of serving her is been so much more amazing than the fantasies I held, and of course, she has benefited (in person, as well as emotionally) from my attention, devotion, love, and tenderness as well. So good for you for sticking to the reality. I wish you the very best in your search. And congratulations for discovering more about what you truly want and need.

  2. “I want my man to pay attention to my needs. Because I am for sure doing the best I can to make it good for him”.

    This statement is right theoretically perfect although if the love connects the partners that's an unselfconscious thing. However marriages originate from the affections like this and child/ren/ are born from the relationship. The child/ren/ will upset the relations, (and the love does not last eternally moreover…)

  3. watliab sagt:Ich finde es nicht sehr einfallsreich sich ledglich darauf zu beschränken ob jemand so Attraktiv ist wie man sich sein Idealbild vorstellt von seinem Partner, es ist bestimmt hilfreich aber spannend weniger, besonders das Körperliche sticht mir ins Auge, es ist im Grunde völlig unwichtig, es kommt auf die Absolute Persönlichkeit an, es ist unwichtig ob jemand Übergewicht hat oder Unter oder sonst etwas,letzen Endes kommt es darauf an das man sich versteht, das man gegenseitige Verantwortung hat, das was man zusammen gefunden hat zu pflegen, zu lernen und sich zu lieben, es kann das schönste auf der Welt sein.

  4. Don't think You are complaining. Reading this entry, it seems to me, you you are producing a footprint. For me it is more a correction of a misunderstanding. Many men are thinking, that they are the center of attention, but that isn't submission. Submission is to care and pamper the dominant part, to fulfill their desires and wishes. For my person its that what gives me the greatest satisfaction: to care and to pamper for my Lady, to fulfill Her desires, wishes and needs. I don't love to suffer, but i love to suffer to make her Happy. Her happiness and well being, makes my life. Everyone who wonna experience all the pleasure of submission, should keep that in mind. Ask yourself, if you wonna get a treat for your pleasure or Her pleasure?