Sunday, February 6, 2011

I just can not stand it right now

I deleted my last post. I got a comment to that post, from a female reader, and that comment really hurt. I just can not stand any criticism right now. I am already at the edge of breaking down. And I don´t understand why people feel obligated to write destructive words at a time when I am already in a very sorry state. Probably sadism at its best...But NOT AT ALL my cup of tea. I have written in lengths about the fact that I am not interested in putting somebody down who is already in a weak position. And I was not expecting to become the center of such an attack myself. My fault!

The blog has been my safe haven in the past. Seems as if that haven is gone.Here in my blog and at my related e-mail account, the emails I received in the past were all written with so much love an sincere interest. I probably got spoiled...

I can not tell you what exactly is going on in my life, I need to protect me and my loved ones.
And I don`t need anybody to question me and my life right now.


  1. Dear Tina,

    I saw your last posting and I saw the comment ... and by whom it was written. This person has a infallible talent to stir up the emotions you feel right now. She seems to gain a lot of pleasure in provoking others and then to make fun of them, if they can't stand this special kind of *humour* (?).

    I know it's easy to say and hard to do, but try to don't pay attention - for the sake of your well-being. Just completely ignoring any lines written by this special person works well to my lady and me. It's terrible that one has to take such measures, but it seems to be the only way.

    Maybe, setting your blog to moderated mode would be a good idea to avoid comments by people who's comments are hurting on a regular basis. At least my lady decided to do so in dealing with the same person.

    As for the topic: I followed your blog and noticed all the troubles that accumulated in your life in the last weeks. I'm absolutely uncapable of giving you helpfull advice, but in my own relationship my lady and I consider the D/s dynamic an "add-on" to our underlaying loving relationship as a couple. When there are things causing us so much trouble that we feel stressed or down - we concentrate on our underlying relationship (putting D/s to a stop). We try to overcome the stressful times together, pampering each other, restaurating our self-esteem and alike. When we are strong enough again to face life and deal with it, D/s is again "reactivated" step by step.

    We don't believe that "real-life problems" can be solved via D/s. In fact, we are only able to enjoy the D/s, when we are fine.


  2. Hi
    Clearly you are fundamentally strong and will get through this time.
    The only thing i can offer is ...see the good in the good and ignore the bad all together.

    You will bounce back stronger.


  3. I believe in the French philospher's motto. "I think therefore I am". Die Starke Frau, who are a very intelligent woman, you have a right to express your opinons, this is what is meant by 'freedom of speech'. So do reconsider giving up your blog, And write to your heart's delight. Remember Valentine's Day is coming up. So celebrate it on your worthwhile blog.

  4. Oh to hell with the haters. You have your blog and you understand your purpose and intent of writing it. If people cannot respect that, just delete their comments or block them. There are a number of us out here who fully support you for what you have shared about who you are and what you are going through. Hang in there Tina.

  5. Sag mal Tina,

    I love your blog. I get a nasty every once in awhile. Frustrating more because you can't 'reach out and touch' folks when they do such things. Ignore it, as Ayesha says, stick with those of us who think you're 'the bomb'.


  6. Tina, I'm sorry that you are distressed!! Unfortunately there are people whose "primary" purpose in life seems to be to make others' lives miserable. Disregard them. Remember that there are a lot of people worldwide who appreciate you and what you have to say. I have enjoyed every post that you have made!

    I wish you well and every happiness! Please don't let negative people dissuade you from what you really want to do!!

    Thanks for your blog, Bob.

  7. Comment moderation is now on!
    I am just not in the mood for any useless discussion. Have had too much of that in the last years with my professor.I was trying so hard to change me and my behavior for him...and just last week I have been told that he is basically a bastard indeed. Basically I have been trying to please an emotional idiot.Won`t happen again!

  8. Guten Tag Tina,

    Wie geht es Ihnen? Ich hoffe, Sie fühlen sich besser. (Ich lerne Deutsch. Ich hoffe, Sie verstehen.)

    Ich wünsche Ihnen alles Gute!