Wednesday, April 13, 2016

feelings I have while spanking a man

Just a short thought that crossed my mind today:

When I spank a man, when he is over my knees, it is as if I am saying to him: "I got you, babe. I got everything under control. I can take charge of things. I know what`s right or wrong and I am gonna take care of it. You are safe with me. Trust me. Just let me lead the way and all is fine." Me spanking means I am giving. I am giving energy, care, guidance, and love to the man. I might be spanking him, but in reality I am showering him with love.

With my former boyfriend, the love of my life, the man I still love today, the situation is different. I always knew that he is smarter, stronger, and generally more experienced in life than I am. And, in real life, he is an awesome leader who does not need  much guidance from other people at all. When I spanked him, when I was having him over my knees, it was as if he was saying to me with his submission: " I got you, babe. I trust you. I let you lead the way. All is fine." Me spanking him meant: I am receiving. I received energy care, guidance, and love from him. In submitting to me and going over my knees he was showering me with his love. I felt just wonderful.


  1. Thanks for sharing! Loved the post.

  2. @bobcat

    Thanks for the uplifting words :-)

  3. My wife gets sexually excited spanking me. Ours is not a "domestic discipline" situation; this is her idea, but just pleasing her sexually in some way is an obsession with me, and so because she is excited I am, too. The first time she spanked me, we had a video camera filming it. Her face was visibly excited, it wasn't the effort of spanking me hard that made it so red. I'm not a very good lover, incidentally, and can't last. This is the one thing that I can do successfully, if you know what I mean, and it fulfills me in that way.

  4. @Hobart Carboys: Glad she gets excited and glad you are happy with it too :-)

  5. I think that you are a Wonderful Lady:-)

  6. dear tina,

    i should hope that spanking is a way of giving love.

    if not, why should the two people come physically so close together? such closeness without love or affection soon leads to irritation and boredom for both.

    meinen sie nicht?


  7. @bobbie: sorry for answering so late.
    For me, spanking is a way of giving love, yes, absolutely.

    @Sub hub in Phx: Glad you like it.