Sunday, April 15, 2012

punishment lines

IMHO punishment lines are one of the most underestimated punishments in a domestic discipline context.

A very long time ago, I punished a man by making him write lines. And I loved it. I loved all of it.

I enjoyed my power while telling him that he is expected to write me the lines,
it was fun hearing from him how much he does not want to write the lines
it was hot telling him "Yes, I am serious, I really want these lines"
and it touched my heart when I got the lines by regular mail.

Punishment lines can be such a great thing. Most men hate writing these lines, but for me as a woman, getting the lines is big.

In a domestic discipline relationship so much is going on in the head only.
And many things just do not make sense. (what sense is there in standing a man in a corner or telling him to wear panties to work or denying him to have an orgasm for days and weeks...)
And some punishments are in reality just chores that one of the partners has to do anyway. ("I expect you to sort out the garage today" or "the house better be spotless when I return").

The lines however are different insofar as they are a palpable sign that he cosiders me to be someone special. Sure, I could make a man make me buy a diamond ring or a Mercedes. This would be something palpable too. But the lines are a sign of love and respect because they are so absurd. There is no sense in writing them. Most men dont get turned on by it. They cost the writer a lot of time and emotional overcoming. Writing lines sucks :-)

But getting the lines is fantastic. They are a sign that the man is willing to do whatever I tell him to do, just because I want to or just because I think it would do him some good to spend some time on a desk and to write one sentence over and over again. On top of it, it is a punishment that does not cost me much energy.
Plus: It does not give him much attention from me while he is doing it. He is expected to be quiet and sit down and write  without getting an attaboy from the woman. The whole scenario is pretty strange. And one has to ask oneself: why is he doing it?
And the answer is: because he wants to please me. Because he thinks I am worthy to be submitted to. Because I am special to him.


  1. i have to admit that You are very right. and all punishment lines i have had to write were fully deserved.

  2. Tina,

    You make writing lines sound good.

    who thinks he wishes he didn't have some chronic pain issues with his arms and wrists...

  3. This is especially true for the great majority of sub males for whom any kind of Whipping/spanking is a heady mixture of pleasure/pain/punishment.

    I don't nkow this to be the case for any line-writer.

  4. Leigh.
    I am not sure i agree.
    I NEED them.


  5. I have not used line writing nearly as much as I probably should with my Sissy Beth, but I find it to be a very effective exercise. It focuses the submissive's attention on one particular detail and makes it abundantly clear what their place and role is. I do like using it as a means of punishment for poorly completed housework and things like that which then helps to drill in the necessity and importance of what may seem like a mundane or repetitive task (ie. it is not nearly as mundane or repetitive as the alternative).

    Mistress Aimee

  6. Writing lines reminds me of the years i attended school. You had to write 1000 lines
    for punishment. A tedious job which took a lot of time.
    I think in many cases life at school, especially life at school during the fifties of the previous century, had a great influence on how kinky fantasies of many people developed.
    Why did you write those 1000 lines for punishement? You did it because you accepted
    the authority of the teacher who ordered you do it.
    I think it is quite similar when a Domme orders her submissive to write lines.
    He does it because he accepts her authority.


  7. Hi Ms. Tina:

    You do an excellent job of explaining why writing lines works well as a punishment. It gives the man no pleasure whatsoever except the abstract hope that he is pleasing his Mistress. It is genuinely disagreeable to him which makes it an effective form of actual punishment as opposed to other more conventional methods he might find appealing. Caning for example would not really work as a punishment for me. I enjoy it way too much. There is nothing sexy or hot about writing lines. Just as you say it proves a sub's devotion and he is bound to be thinking of his Mistress while he does it.

    Come to think of it writing lines really is an excellent punishment. Perfect for the lazy domme who does not want to expend much energy. I really should suggest the idea to Her Majesty. Except writing lines really sucks! :-)

  8. An additional aspect of linewriting is the behaviour of the dominant women who receives the completed lines. Drawing on the previously-mentioned parallel with school discipline of some years ago, the dominant woman may carefully review the lines, marking errors with a red pen and deciding whether the work is acceptable or whether the submissive man must complete the task again from the beginning even if he has only made one small error. This approach offers obvious psychological benefits to the dominant woman. She might also decide, however, to take the completed lines and fling them in the trash immediately when they are handed to her. She thus shows her entire disregard for all the effort she has required the submissive men to expend in her service.

  9. there are many feelings and thoughts which occur everytime when i get punishment lines to write.

    the story begins always with any failure or misbehaviour of mine. in some cases is recognize it, in other cases my Mistress shows me my wrongdoing. but in both cases i have to beg for an appropriate punishment.

    the time until i get my punishment is not easy to endure. there are strange feelings in my bowel and the fearful question what will my punishment be.

    then i get my punishment. normally not a light-one. normally a severe punishment to teach me a lesson. then frustration come into my head and the question how long it takes to fulfil this imposition.

    then i begin the writing. and soon i see the needed time until the end. boring hours and aching wrists are the following.

    but somewhen there comes the light at the end of the tunnel and my mind gets better in the view of the end of punishment. these are great hours for me.

    after finishing comes the next step: the lines are handed out to my Mistress for Her approval. normally i have to wait for approval standing in the corner. my mind races with the question whether my writing reaches the high exspectations of my beloved Mistress.

    the best is to hear then: "well done but remind your lesson"

    but it might be: "sorry but too many failures. you have to repeat it completely (or in better cases: repetition only of some parts)"

    after writing so many lines as adult in the last years (but not at school in the sixties of last century) i have to admit that writing lines works well for me and my education. i am not the same naughty man than before. many many thanks to my Mistress and all the Dommes who supported me with strict education in the past.

  10. So, Tina, can a man then just request you that he needs a writing lines punishment if need be? If so, please let me know.

  11. greenwellies9@aolMarch 7, 2015 at 5:40 PM

    May I please write for you?

  12. Dear Miss Tina,

    I would very much like to write punishment lines for you! If this is something you would like to consider, perhaps we could establish a relationship via a Contract!

    Sincerely and submissively,


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