Tuesday, July 14, 2015

good real life domestic discipline

I have not posted much about real life kink lately. There is however one event I ´d like to share with you because it was just too good to keep it to myself ;-)

I wont give you any specifics about the guy. Let´s just say: He is a very lovely gentleman.

I had met him online, we had clicked immediately and only about one week later he came to visit me at my home. Note: he came to visit me at my home. This is something that has only ever happened once before in my life. The only man I ever brought home to my family was my ex with whom I had a 4 years long relationship. So, in allowing the guy to visit me at home I had changed my modus operandi in a huge huge way :-)

I had picked him up at the train station, we made some small talk, went grocery shopping together and ended up in my bedroom only 20 min later.

For once in my life I was really courageous, lol, and without any foreplay I ordered him to strip while I stayed fully clothed. I felt like in a CFNM video, lol. He did as he was told and I spent the next hour or so exploring his body and his cock. We were having a lot of fun. I liked teasing and touching him and generally bossing him around ;-) His only comment was: "Wow, I like how possessive you touch me." It was a good time,  just fooling around.

About 2 hours later I had to go to a bbq with some other lawyers in my town. And the man agreed to accompany me to the party. So we went there together and on the way to the party he asked me: "How do people address each other at the party? first name or family name?" I said "family name" and he said: "well, makes sense, lawyers..." When we entered the place he whispered in my ear: "what again is your family name?"lol,  he really was not sure about my family name. I replied by asking him: "what again is your family name?" and we both started to laugh.  
 So far we had only used our first names. We theoretically knew our family names, but both of us did not remember it when we entered the place. :-) 

The party went well. I did not explain anything to anybody, just introduced him with his first and family name and he was just there with me, along with all the wives and partners of my lawyer colleagues. 

At one point the director of the local bar association wanted everybody to come together for a picture and I told him: "come with me, I want you on the photo". He did as he was told and the picture has been taken and he is standing on that picture next to me. 

What a day, I  need to laugh just remembering it.

But it went even better.  On the very same day, there was a big celebration in my family and in my town. The bbq had been in the afternoon, and in the evening I had to go to this kind of ball. Since the bbq had been so much fun, the we both agreed that he should come with me to the ball as well. Problem was: he did not have a white dress shirt left. He had not expected to go to a ball when he had packed his stuff ;-)

I told him: "No problem, I am gonna call my brother and he will bring us a shirt". 

the only problem was: we were running out of time and 4 women who were going to the ball with my family were already gathering at my house. So when the man and I arrived at my place to change clothes, the other people accompanying us were already waiting. So, like in a cheap movie, lol, the poor guy had to try on the shirt under the comments of 4 female guests plus my mom , my brother, my sister and me ;-)

the first shirt he tried on was black and too small. And common opinion was: he cannot wear that shirt to the ball. Then a discussion started among the ladies, whether he could wear a tshirt or whether it had to be a dress shirt, lol. It was a crazy situation, really. In the end my mom brought a nice ironed white shirt out of nowhere and he and I went up in my room for him to try it on. It did fit  perfectly and I gave him my thumbs up.

So he went down back to all the ladies, and 6 women said at the same time: "wow, this looks just awesome!" Everybody commented on his looks and on the shirt and I still wonder how he managed to stay so calm. He just accepted all the female attention and went along with whatever I wanted him to :-)

This - of course- gave me a lot of attention from my female friends. Everybody was like: "who is he? where does this great guy come from? "

... to be continued...


  1. Ami in DeutschlandJuly 14, 2015 at 6:58 PM

    Schön,dass Du wieder postest. Ich freue mich für Dich!

  2. Thanks. I am happy to be back in the blogging world :-)

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  4. Super Blog. Habe es gerade gefunden. Ich werde bald nach Deutschland (von Irland) umziehen um meine FLR beziehung taeglich zu leben. I have changed every element of my life to make this happen. It IS now my life. We incorporate DD also. Your openness and insights are really great. I wish you well.