Sunday, September 19, 2010


I am generally willing to discipline a man if he should need it. However: Discipline, correction or punishment is only coming to my mind, if there is a real reason to address some issues.I do believe in the concept of rewarding good behavior and punishing bad behavior. Pretty easy to understand, I think.

Reasons for me to step in and make a man change his behavor can be various. Due to me being german, the best way to keep out of troubles with me is, if you understand the meaning of "prussian virtues" :-)
It´s all a question of finding the right balance. And there is not "one fits all" way of how to deal with submissive men. The question "when are you going to punish a man" pretty much depends on the man and his persona. For instance, I might think a punishment is in order if a man is
  • not telling the truth to me
  • rude or impolite
  • making me wait
  • working too hard,or not hard enough
  • not paying attention to my needs
  • exercising too much or not enough
  • not sticking to his words
  • disobeying me
  • etc.
Which leads us direct to the next question:
How am I going to punish a man?

I do believe that the punishment should fit the crime.
I might choose one of the traditional domestic discipline punishments, such as giving him a spanking, corner time or making him write lines. Besides from that I do not hesitate to come up with other forms of punishments. It is all a matter of how to best make a deep impression....

Early bed times: Sending him to bed early is definitely something I might resort to. The idea of telling a grow up man that he has to go to bed right away, even if it is way too early, does have its appeal to me. I like the fact that he has to "go" to bed himself. While getting a spanking, he can pretty much stay passive, the woman is the one who needs to do all the action. But in giving a man an early bed time, he has to actively participate in the punishment. He has to actually go to the bedroom, undress, go to bed and stay there...even if he most likely would prefer to do many other things. I like that being sent to bed early gives the man the opportunity to think about "why" he has been punished. I will make sure that he will not be bothered in the bedroom by tv, phone, internet etc., so he can focus on his actions that led to him being in bed now...

Orgasm control is a very good way of getting a mans attention. A constant pressure in his most private parts will make sure that he remembers to pay attention to me and my needs. Due to stress and obligations it might happen that a man is not paying attention to my needs as much as I would like him to do. So in that case a time of chastity and orgasm control might "help" him remember that I am expecting his attention. It will make sure he does not forget that I am in his life too :-) I like the idea of him being forced to ask for permission if he wants to have an orgasm. And don`t think for a second that I might have pitty with him and just give him permission. Nope, won`t happen. I will only give him permission again when I am sure that he has understood that I am the one in charge and that I am to make the decisions. It´s about teaching him to not forget the woman in his life.

Sports: Exercising is another very domestic discipline relevant topic.
I want my man to take good care of himself. And exercising regularly is one way of making sure that he is doing just that. If for some reason the man should stop exercising at all, I am not pleased and I will make sure he knows about my feelings.I might give him a warning, might tell him in uncertain terms what I am expecting and then he better stick to a moderate exercising regime. In case he should still not exercise regularly, I will make sure myself that he is doing it in the future. And be assured, it is not going to be fun for the man... I might choose to make him get up early for some time to spend the first half an hour of each day on the treadmill, or I might choose to go to the gym with him and be his strict personal trainer myself. I would not even hesitate to make him work out on the bedroom floor under my close supervision. It could happen that I am sitting in bed comfortably,watching tv or reading, while he is doing push-ups, sit-ups and more on the floor untill I allow him to come to bed ...

On the other hand, if you are a sports addict, if you can not imagine a life without exercising, there is a good chance that I might bar you from exercising for some time if I think your behavior was not acceptable. If you are one of the men who needs sports and exhaustion in order to "feel good", it might have a much bigger punitive effect on you, if you are stopped from working out for some time and made e.g. to stroll in the nature. I might tell you to go for a walk in a park and report me back about the color of the leaves or the different kind of trees...Not really hot, I know. But see, we are talking about punishments here. And as I said, the punishment has to be custom made for the man and the deed.

Living with me, loss of privileges is something that could happen easily too.
There is no law in the world that says it is your right to have as much coffe as you want on any given day. And who says you are allowed to have the glas of wine everytime you want to?
You got a speeding ticket too much...well, maybe its time for you to get information about the public transportation system in your area.I hate speeding and maybe you will hate being forced to hand over your car keys to me as much as I hate speeding...
I might even decide that it is time for you to stop watching tv or surfing the internet for a while. With me being a diet coke addict, I do know from personal experience how effective these kinds of punishment can be...

The naughty spot:
When I have been in the US, I have actually seen for the first time in my life a "naughty chair" for a little child. And it made me smile a lot. "My man" and the childs dad were talking computer stuff I did not understand anyway and therefore, while the men were having the conversation, I only marveled at the chair from afar :-) There was a saying written on the chair, something like: While sitting here, think about what you did, but never forget: we love you!
To think about a naughty spot in a dd setting gives me hundreds of ideas ;-)  "Line writing" does have such a spot in his life. However, he does not mention it very often.
I am sure no man on this planet "likes" to be sent to the naughty spot. Anyway, my point is: punishment for a man....naughty spot....yes, can happen!

Just to make it absolutely clear:
if I punish a man, my main goal is not to make it a hot and kinky experience. There will be other times, when I will be intending to do just that... but not when I hand out a punishment. No mixed signals from me.
A punishment from me will always be unpleasant and difficult to stomach. The punished man will not like it. I will make sure of that with all my big heart :-)


  1. There is a question of self respect with all punishments, and I'm not sure all of the above would be positive for the man's self-respect. But I admit too it depends on the man; we are all very different.

    Just two other points:
    1) how do you plan to make him stay chaste / to not have an orgasim by mastebating?
    And 2) Getting spanking is not passive. It takes considerable personal will to not only accept it, but also to keep your bottom in place and take it. It is like holding your hand in a fire; it may seem like the fire is the part doing the burning, but it is the keeping of your hand in it that is the real action.
    Living with, and accepting the discipline of a wife that spanks (etc) is not a passive act. It needs great will power.

  2. It is noted that i don't mention the naughty spot much, please see my post of Dec 28th for more info if you need it..
    Thank you Tina.