Wednesday, September 8, 2010

not everybody lies

Hi everybody! I am finally back in Germany.

My trip to the US has most definitely been one of the craziest things I have ever done in my whole life. However,  I can honestly tell you: I do not regrett flying there for one single moment. In fact, I loved being there the whole time.Wish I was there now...

In a way it has been "the trip" of my life.
The time in the US was full of challenges and new experiences.
I had the chance of growing in ares where I would have least expected it.
You want examples:
  • Well, I got pretty much rid of all fear of dogs I ever had :-)
  • I realised that I do have indeed great relationship building competencies. I have not been so sure about that in the past. Now however, I just know that I dont need to worry any longer as far as that aspect is concerned.
  • very important people do not intimidate me
  • my religious faith has been deepened
  • I accepted that I do have a tendency to attract unusual people with unusual stories. This is just something that happens regularly in my life. This time, I did - inter alia- indeed meet an international arms dealer at the beach. During an initially very superficial conversation, he suddenly started to tell me about his weapons business... So if you should ever meet me, it will say  as much about you as it says about me :-)

And I learned one other very important thing. And this might probably be the most interesting point for you, my readers:

Even though one can read often how much people would lie on the internet, and even though Gregory House keeps telling the world that "everybody lies", as far as this blog goes, that assessment isn`t true. I do not lie here in the blog and the (majority of) people who write me do not lie either. Over the last months I did meet or talk to a couple of readers of my blog. And not one of that talks has been a disappointment.

And neither has meeting the man in the US  been a disappointment. Far from it.
I felt safe and secure and cherished. He took good care of me! It`s as simple as that.
Even though I had never met him before, it worked out perfectly. I was just right in trusting him. And I love that he trusted me too. I just know that he trusts me far more than he has trusted anybody in the last years. And for that I thank him very much. Because he, as the private person he is, is giving me the greatest gift of all in opening up to me, sharing his feelings with me and letting me touch his inner soul.

I know, you guys wanna read about the kinky stuff. But to tell you the truth, the vanilla aspects of that meeting have been overwhelming. And I don`t think he would be ok with me sharing what or even if anything kinky has happened.


  1. Tina,

    Congratulations, I'm so happy that your trip went well.



  2. Awesome! :) I am so relieved, while it is true not everyone lies (I have had wonderful experiences with my readers - you can sense the honesty) it is still an anxious endevour to fly thousands of miles to another country to meet someone for the first time! I am so glad that you were safe and that it was such an enlightening experience for you! You are an incredible lady ;)

  3. Dear Tina---I find you fascinating in that you are so corageous to find your real self. I like you enjoy the voyage and the discovery of new insights,shapes, forms, and demensions of the human expierence. Who we are and what we want , where we are going and above all where we came from are the stuff that makes adventure.
    I am surely a submissive who is attracted and drawn to the open power-of a of an individual who is willing to cross boundaries. A person who lives her calling and completes in me with guidence-correction-and yes punishment required to make my ability to take the voyage of discovery and in a ocean of common fear . Yes-to live and know that person is invaluable. Bitter--konnen sie schriben zu mir. Ich war mit the Army im Bayern for Zwie jaren. Ich hopfe das Ich kan eine gute fruend machen. Meine e-mail is Danke -Ihre--Anthony

  4. Dear Tina, of course we are all curious about what exactly took place, but more than that, we are happy that all went well for you.
    XO Tom

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  6. Dear Tina,
    Congrats on your trip that went well. Like the old wisdom, the way is the journey.
    Love, Peace

  7. "Well, I got pretty much rid of all fear of dogs I ever had :-)"


    Glad to hear that you had an excellent trip.

  8. Congratulations! I am very happy for you and glad that you enjoyed your visit to the U.S.!

  9. Glad you had a pleasurable trip and made it home safe and sound. Good to hear from you.

  10. Tina--Can't wait for your next blog! Anthony

  11. Thanks to all of you for your kind words! I am really happy myself that the trip went so well. In retrospect it seems to be almost too much of a risk to just fly to the US and meet the man. But, even though I might still not be the greatest animal person on this planet, I am usually really good with people. And I have just been convinced that the man I am going to see is a really good person. Which he is :-)!
    Me, I am many things in life, but most of the time I am not scared to do unusual things. And sometimes it just pays off to take risks.