Tuesday, September 21, 2010

short question

Hi everybody!

After having written so much about me, I want you to answer one short question for me. And I do not expect a very long answer. A short statement or a single word only is ok.

It is a question I have been thinking about quite often lately. And I do have my own theory as far as that question goes, even though wdspoone does not quite fit in my theory yet. But he might be the "famous exception" :-)

We are all pretty much similar, as we all feel a special attraction towards domestic discipline. And I am pretty sure there is not one person among us, who has not reflected about the "why on earth am I attracted to these kind of things" question. I do not have a solution either, but I do have a theory :-)

Since I actually did give up all my plans of ever finishing my §$%&%$""§$%% legal thesis, I need another area of doing some research...

I expect you all to be quite familiar with the biblical story of the prodigal son.
If not, go and read it:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parable_of_the_Prodigal_Son

And here comes my question:

Have you always considered yourself to be the "prodigal" son or the "older/good" one?

Me? definitely the "good" one. In the past, there has not been the slightes doubt in my mind that I am the good one. And I hated that story with all my heart. I only recently started to feel at least a bit as if I would be the prodigal son. What about you? 


  1. NO because I am the female child not the favored one. aj had an older brother and was not an athlete but just a nice guy.

  2. Yes, More to the prodigal son as I did most of my things my way. Still I associate myself more to elder brother in the the story where the father ask's the two bother to go the vineyards and elder one says no and he goes at the end and the other one vice verse.

  3. I had always thought I was a goody-goody because justice and fairness mattered so much to me that I had to try to embody it always. But I view my life as far as money and material things is concerned then I would certainly mimic that of the prodigal son - only without the happy ending of reunion.

    I have 'wasted' money as others would see it, but for me it was about engaging with life and investing in other people's livelinhood. Moreover, it was also about trusting life and not thinking that I need to 'store up wealth' against a God/Universe that will not provide.

    But I suppose the story is not really about material wealth but rather spiritual, and I suppose Jesus wanted us to stop embracing the animal instincts and instead embrace our 'spiritual father' / i.e. our divininty.

    Either way, I would be the prodigal by choice. I don't value goody goody types. I value those who are prepared to be human, to mix with others without judgment, and to be honest with who and what they are. Why come to earth if only to be divine.

  4. OMG, what did I start :-)
    Only 3 responses yet and my mind is already spinning. This is what I so like about the Bible: you can ask a simple question and the answers will be as divers as the people answering.
    So, all of you lurkers, join Tina`s bibel class.I do not even ask for your tenth :-)

  5. Guten Abend Frau Tina,

    I am an older son and took quite some time to understand and like this likeness from the Lord. Let me add, that I do think it is spoken as an invitation to the originally chosen people of Israel. In a vein, similiarly to the stupid virgins or the guest which cannot come to the fest...

    thank you for your thougts in blog
    michael (slought)

  6. I am the "only" son. The only child for that matter

  7. When I look at this parable and the fact that it really speaks to different sides of a single persons character, it is hard to decide which (if either)I tend to lean toward the most? I can clearly point to examples where I have been a reprobate but there are also those too that show where I can be responsible and self disciplined. Therefore the question is not so much which one am I rather, which one shows up more often and in what circumstances? In the final analysis, I would have to conclude that I would most certainly exhibit behaviors that a more responsible female would feel obligated to ...um...correct! :D But other than that I am pretty much a perfect angel! hehe

  8. I've never wanted (material things) from my parents nor envied siblings who have. I have "loaned" siblings considerable amounts of money without them repaying a dime; however, I do not rejoice like the father in this parable, as my siblings borrowed the money making clear their intention to repay, and I have no respect for those siblings because they lack integrity. My experience/feelings are only remotely connected to this parable - too complex for reduction, I'm afraid.

  9. I was the "good boy". My sister took care of prodigality.

    (I'm tickled about the poem). - Rich

  10. I was the good oldest son, the favored one with two younger sisters.

    But not to get all religious on you, but the parable is not about the prodigal son. It is about the love of his father for his son even when he screws up.

    If you are a parent, you would understand.]


  11. I am clearly more like the older son.
    I always took my responsibilities very seriously, especially when they involved my family or my friends.


  12. I am the youngest, 'the baby'. The favorite of my father as he and I are most alike in the family. My mother would sometimes ask me to speak with my father because he would listen to me if no-one else. I miss him.

  13. Well, as a Pagan (Wiccan, actually and no, we don't worship 'Satan' as Satan is a Christian god), none of this works for me, at least.

    "The story includes the following:
    who asks his father to give him his share of the estate"

    Since when is it the father who has the option to pass on the estate. Why not the Mother. After all, if we follow the ideal of a Female Led Relationship, shouldn't property be passed on through the Matriarchial path?

    Sorry, but the bible and its silly, patricarchial viewpoint just doesn't seem to apply. Give me that 'old (really old) time (Matriarchial) religion'. I prefer the Goddess path.

  14. Keep the comments comming, I so like them! Need to do some lawyer stuff today, but as soon as I have some time I will share my point of view on the answers you wrote.

  15. Interesting to see what others have said. And also to review what I said when looked at in terms of DD.

    Is the prodigal son coming back looking for redemption through punishment? Is that that what men who want discipline are doing? I honestly don't know how easy that is to answer because there is so much sexual attraction to 'dominant women' mixed up in our feelings (assuming I can speak for the majority for a moment) that sifting through it to the nugget of truth can be hard.

    There is a part of me (us?) that does seek some sort of atonement. General atonement I mean - as in a general wanting to be punished or disciplined. Lying with my head in Cathy's lap after she has spanked me has a blissful feeling, regardless of why I'm there or what I’ve done. I feel very close to her, very content and safe. But I do not get the same feeling from being put in the corner or made to write lines or do chores. That brings obedience and better behaviour, but not the same deep feelings of being atoned.

    So I sense that in my desire for discipline, I see that I am seeking that feeling of being close to Cathy. Of being REconnected to her. Taken fully into her heart having had my ego reduced, and my own heart softned. Maybe this is what the prodigal son wanted and his way of feeling atoned (i.e. reconnected), was to be a hired hand for his father. Maybe we all have 'our own special way' of feeling atoned/reconnected. Mine is to be spanked, his is to be a labourer, others will be in whatever way they brains are wired for it.

    But ultimately, to answer the question, yes, perhaps we are all prodigal sons seeking a homecoming.

  16. PS - You know, I think I like being a research subject - kinda fun. I've always liked answering personal questions when they are asked by someone who is genuinely enjoying asking them - and has an open mind too of course. Andit was really useful to look at my feelings and motivations from a fresh angle.

  17. It is unfortunate that so few people actually answered the question Tina asked.

  18. Tom - The question isn't easily answerable. I mean, do you walk to work or buy your lunch? What if one does not feel like either of the two "prototypes" in the parable? I suppose in that case, as it may apply to many people who have commented, is "neither". (and by the way, I drive to work and pack my lunch, tso my answer to my own question is also "neither"). :)

  19. The Bible is perhaps one of the greatest works of literature ever written regardless of your religious attitude. Too many of us have been taught (and so we do) to take the stories we find in it literally which is a huge error. There is no religious doctrine to be found with in it's pages, it is a manual for living and it was meant to last through the ages...to carry the same message today as it did thousands of years ago and will thousands of years from now. Therefore, a majority of the stories found in the Bible are written in parable, symbol, allegory and metaphor. Here in lies it's brilliance....languages change over time...words take on new and different meaning from generation to generation...in order for the lessons to be as effective today as they were so long ago. Taking stories like the Prodigal Son (even though this is rather tame in comparison to others) literal has caused many people to dismiss the entire work as nonsense (ie; Noah, Moses parting the sea, etc, etc, etc...) But, when the Bible is read as it was intended to be read it comes to life and all of a sudden begins to make sense. The Prodigal Son speaks to the nature of man (woman) with the two sons and the father all representing characteristics of a single person. When the question is approached as this allegory was presented I think many people have answered the question. The only real answer is that everyone exhibits all of these characteristics at some point or other so the question as I see it is which characteristic do I exhibit more? Scally answers a more interesting question I think.....why do I exhibit that characteristic more often? :D