Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I spanked a man...

It happened quite some time ago. I did not write about it earlier, because I wanted to keep it to myself in order to process it mentally. I just needed to have the experience for myself. Could not share it. Did not want to share it. Not even with you.

It was much more intense than I expected it to be. And I can not find the words to phrase properly, how deep and moving an experience it  was. Even now, just thinking about it, I almost can not believe it actually happened. It was an event so out of my regular life...I am lacking the right words to express how overwhelmed I have been by it. Overwhelmed in a very good sense. It was probably the deepest gift of trust from another human being that I have ever received in my whole life.

In a way, it was exactly as I had imagined it to be. I was prepared. I wanted it to happen. You all know, how much I had written and thought about giving a spanking.And, exactly as I had imagined, it showed that I was only able to do it, because I knew the man is worth my time and dedication. I was so impressed by his ability of (literally) giving himself in my hands. And I am still fascinated by the fact that he submitted to me in such a profound way.

Since it was my "first time", I was unsure what to do and how to do it. And in the very beginning , for a moment, I actually reclined to him for help. But as soon as he signaled me "go for it, you can do it, I will be ok", I had no problems getting  my mind in the right frame. He asked me: "Are you left handed or right handed?" I answered him and then he  walked over to my right side and just went over my knees.

I had seen a lot of spankings on the Internet. And it is not as if you would need to know about astrophysics in order to give a proper spanking. So I was able of spanking him appropriately, even though I had never received a spanking myself ever.

Surprisingly, I did not talk much during the spanking. I only said very little. I mean there was not much to say anyway...I tried to make an impression on his "iron" butt, which - with my hand only- was quite difficult. At the beginning, he had made a very good point- as I know now...- in saying something like: "it is going to be difficult for you to get through to me, if you only use your hand". But I have always been one to accept a challenge. So I spanked him with my hand as hard as I could. And as long as I could.

And I know I was getting through to him....I was really giving him as much as I possibly could. After a while, I told him to get up and I lead him to the corner. It has been getting dark outside, and we were in a pretty dark room by now, but I did not turn on the lights.I enjoyed the calmness that came with the dark.  While he stood in the corner, I sat in the chair, just watching him. It was very strange. I was exhausted. I was sweating. And I tried to understand what was going on. By now, he had fully given all control to me....

I still don´t want to share everything that happened. So I will skip to the end...

Of course there was a proper "aftercare". For him and for me ;-) We were in each others arms for a very long time. Just holding each other. Touching each other. Whispering to each other. Making sure the other one is ok.


  1. Yes.. we men like to be spanked. I'm glad you experienced that :)

  2. Hi
    You have done a good job on the thesis and the spanking. What a great week.
    i admire your openness and the way you write. (especially in English)
    Well done to you for many things

  3. Thanks for telling us about that very private experience. Yes, it's an act of trust on the man's part, and you are right to see it as such.

  4. I have been spanked or whipped by a Swedish, British, French and Spanish girlfriend or wife -but I have been spanked and flogged in Germany (and Austria) by two of the above -including a few times in the open air... Great memories!

  5. What's more intimate than a spanking? Emotional coziness + physical intensity = a very satisfying experience. That's exactly what I love: bare-handed otk, but when your hand gets tired and sore, switch to a soft belt, a leather paddle, or even a hairbrush (but be careful with the last item--it can do some damage). Sounds like it was a nice experience--hope you'll have many more.