Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Getting in shape

By now erverybody should know, that I do not yet have a partner for a domestic discipline relationship. I did however receive many friendly and supportive e-mails from people within such relationships.Thanks to everybody who wrote me so far.

In order to prepare for my femdom future I decided to do more sport and get my body in better shape. I suppose it is always a good idea to have a sporty body if you are looking for a man. And the fact that I am preparing for a marathon in october surely is another incentive for boosting my athletic training.

As far as the shape of the body of the submissive is concerned:
I discovered that for me, this does not really matter. I actually do not care that much if the guy is small or tall, if he is overweight or very lean. For me is the psychological aspect the most interesting one. The fact that a man is submitting to me is of such significance, that the appearance is not that important. Even though I have to admit that I surely do recognize and savour a great body.

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