Wednesday, March 31, 2010

my biggest pet peeve is...

A couple of days ago I heard the term "pet peeve" for the first term. And I really liked it. I don`t know why, probably because it was mentioned in my favourite tv show NCIS. Anyway, and here comes my point.... I was thinking about what my biggest pet peeve is.

My biggest pet peeve is being lied to.
I just hate it. It`s an absolute no-no. I can not accept people lying in general and even worse people lying right in to my face. I consider myself a very understanding person. There is really not much in human behaviour, words and deads, that I have not already heard of or dealt with in the past. This might sound braggy, however considering the many dramatic events in other peoples lifes I had the "pleasure" of witnessing, it seems an appropriate estimation. I have spoken to - and somestimes defended- arsonists, thiefs, con mans, people who cheated on their spouses, a pimp... you name it. In most cases it was not so difficult to understand the reasoning behind peoples actions as one might think. However, any collaboration has to be based on me knowing the plain truth.

For me sticking to the truth is essential for having a successful relationship. Clients who lie to me can not expect me to represent them adequately in a criminal court and -even more important- my private life partner better not lie to me ever either!

On the other hand I am realistic enough to know, that people actually do lie all the time. So my advice for all my potential domestic discipline partner is: If you ever consider lying to my, you better have a damn good reason. Because if I catch you lying, my wrath will not be easy to deal with. One of the advantages of being in a female led relationship is after all, that the women does have the prerogative to throw the book at the man. And I am definitely prepared to act accordingly.

In such cases the man can not expect some kinky love taps ending in great love making but drastic actions. The core area of the punishment has not to be a spanking, in fact, there is no need for the punishment to be corporal at all. Crucial point is, that the sanction I choose is a real chastisement for the man. Therefore the discipline can differ a great deal from man to man.

However, in my experience, spending endless hours of writing lines is a method which works pretty well for getting the man in the right head frame. No need to tell you, that only his best hand writing is accepted.If the paper does not satisfy my claims, he better be prepared to do it all over again. I just love the humiliating aspect of a grown man being treated like a 8year old kid.

I have learned in the past, that "forced exercise" is a fantastic means of punishing a man. I do e.g. not hesitate to make him do countless push-ups on the living room floor.
And for him getting up 1 hour earlier everyday for quite some time to do an workout on the treadmill will surely be not as pleasant as it is for me.

Furthermore, a man who chooses to lie to me has forfeit his privilege of having an orgasm. I`m not into using any chastity devices but I will be expecting the man to obey my command and act accordingly. He can surely expect a lot of teasing.

If I decide a spanking is in order to make amends, he better accepts it without much fuss. Even though I am often ready to negotiate, once I made up my punishment decision, I am not.

You may be certain that a man who deliberately lies to me is courting disaster.


  1. I agree with lying being the worst thing. It is the one thing that makes me angry too.

    By the way, I may be biased because I know it works for me, but I feel that if a spanking is part of any punishment used it helps the man get into his 'little boy' brain and therefore more able to accept the guidance and discipline in general. By all means use anything that comes to mind, but I would recommmend including a thorough spanking for that reason.

  2. I agree forced exercise is a great discipline/punishment tool. Chastity is also a great motivator to achieve difficult goals. My sub-hubby must perform a daily intensive physical fitness regimen and pass a weekly physical fitness test. Any failures will result in further punishments, extended chastity time, spankings, extended punishment positions, reduced food portions, humiliation, etc.

    Mistress Karen

  3. I know a lot of dominant ladies seem to feel that, since a majority of men desire spankings that spanking should be a reward, rather than a punishment.

    I have an idea for you to try;

    If your man thinks he likes to be spanked...Get yourself a nasty impliment, and every time he does even the slightest thing incorrectly, blister him good, and properly. If you have to do it every day, do it. Make him afraid to be punished. If he asks for a spanking, tell him, he may have oe (with the nasty impliment) however, he must also choose to endure Two other punishments (which should not be any fun for him at all. Tell him the details of the Two additional punishments before he decides wqhether or not to ask for a spanking. Make being spanked SUCK. Think, and this is a challange of sorts, if you are truly dominant then it is your duty to train him.

    Some guys only think they like spankings. They've never been spanked by my wife. I once thought, I would like being spanked. The only thing I like about it is, the fact that I know she will spank me if I step out of line, and I know it will hurt.

    Consider as well, many of these so-called submissive men haven't the fortitude which required to approach a dominant woman. Most of these types probably cannot approach a woman at all.