Friday, October 15, 2010

friday blues

It´s friday night here in Germany. I am feeling sad.

I would love to chat with a certain man in the US, but it seems like I am heming him in (?--- I do not even know the english term...I am pretty sure I have never done such a thing before in my whole life. But then, I have never been so interested in one man before either...)

I do not want to spoil all your  hot fantasies, but even a dominant woman does not know all the time what to do.

He did not say it explicitely, but my gut feeling tells me he would want for me to shut up for a little while. Give him some space. And in a way I do understand him. Both him and me are dealing with pressing real life problems.

But ME, I just would love to hear his voice, laugh with him, talk with him. This does ALWAYS make me happy.  I think he just does not realise how much even a short email from him would mean to me right now.

And, as much as I love to push a man, I would never push him towards me.

Ahhh, I am just at a loss  


  1. Hi Ms. Tina - A very tough emotional state to be in and I could never assume to speak for him but I know from my own experience that sometimes such problems really have nothing to do with how he feels about you rather, it is something that he is going through personally and as a man it is difficult to admit or share it with a women we care deeply for? Even though we are submissive, we are also still men and it is hard for us to admit that we may be facing something that has us baffled regardless of what it is? As hard as it is maybe some space is all he needs? As a submissive man, I never expect a dominant lady to have all the answers....she is human just like me after all! Be well Ma'am and trust in the foundation you two have thus far established. Every road has some bumps! :)

  2. Thanks. I needed to hear that. I think you are right and I can understand your arguments. My man did send me a short e-mail a couple of minutes ago. And his e-mail together with your explanation does make perfectly sense, even to a woman :-)

  3. Just wanted to add that what wdspoone said speaks for me too. Don't take it personally.

    By the way, the english term you may be looking for is that he was 'feeling smothered'.

  4. Not very proud to say that but: Yeap, I think "feeling smothered" is the correct term.