Sunday, October 3, 2010


Today Germany is celebrating "Erntedank" which is like Thanksgiving, but without the turkey :-) And I want to remind you all that today, 20 years ago, Germany got reunited. Pretty unbelivable that the peaceful revolution actually took place and that despite all the challenges and problems the Germans are one nation again.

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On the personal front, there is much that I can be thankful for. And much of it is linked to this blog and to the people who wrote to me.

Thank you very much to all of you who accompagnied me on my way into "finding myself " and on my way into exploring domestic discipline.  You have all been a source of true inspiration and hope!
May you all find "the one", the one person who loves you just the way you are.You all deserve it.

The fact that I , through this blog, did actually find "my man" is still mind-blowing. I will fly to the US again in November. This time I did even ask him if it is ok for him if I come to see him. Remember, last time I just did book a flight without telling him...

There is still a lot going on in my life, but due to the fact that my private life got much better, I somehow developped a better attitude as far as my job goes. Money is still tight, but for the first time since becoming a lawyer I am sure that I want to continue to work in the legal business. Which is a BIG progress. The decision to stay a lawyer is made and I am sure that it is the right thing to do. So my "wavering" as far as my career goes has finally come to an end.  The "thesis issue" still hurts, but I guess one can not have it all in life. And I would always choose a happy private life over an academic career.

I just had to think of the following song. I am not sure if I like this singer or if I want to kick his butt in a not dd related way, well, I tend to wanna do the latter, lol, but at least he is entertaining. However, the song is good. Makes me smile. I am not on any proselytization mission, if you would ask my pastor, he would tell you that I am far from being a christian missionary  :-). Its just that the song came to my mind. So just skip the link if you are atheist or not interested in anything christian. I promise, I will not write about christian things in the next post. The "God " subject is keeping me busy because my life has changed lately in ways I would have never imagined. And I truely believe that God is the one responsible for it...


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  2. Congratulations! He is a fortunate fellow. And true, a Domina wouldn't "ask" him about anything - unless you choose to.

    I've followed your journey with great interest and sympathy. I'm delighted you seem to have found your man.

    A good movie: "The Young Victoria". The queen found her perfect German consort in Prince Albert.

    And viva Germania! Whole and bright, may she stay my country's ally forever after. -- Rich