Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I need to be careful

I have been at church on sunday. Seriously, I wanted to pray and talk with God, nothing more. The sermon was boring and did not really touch my heart. Therefore I went to the coffee place on the church campus and started reading, when a woman I do not like very much came to me and started talking to me.

She was very worried about a female friend and said:. "Tina, you are a lawyer. I want to ask you a question." And btw. I hate it when people do that. Why do they think me being a lawyer means I would be obligated to answer all their damn legal or/and emotional questions...

I asked what the problem was and she said:
my neighbour, she can be seen in some porn video clips on the internet.

And me: I was all like: ok, and where is the problem? (lol, really...)
You have to keep in mind, that I saw hundreds of clips and pictures in the last months. Some of it I liked, and some of it were just not my cup of tea or boring. But in order to get to know me and my sexuality better, I had an open mind and watched tons of it. Porn of all kind, FF/ MM/ MF/ FM/ MMF/ FFM but mostly femdom. Because, in case you did not know, femdom is what I like best :-)

And she continued: I watched the videos many times
(me thinking: why on earth would you do that...)
she: they are so terrible, it is so disgusting
(me thinking: ok, so don`t watch it...)
she: in some of the videos she is to be seen together with her husband
(me thinking and actually saying: maybe the both of them get turned on by it...)
she: but they have a daughter
me: so what?
she: what if the kid gets molested?
me: hello, pornography between consenting adults does not mean the kid gets treated inappropriately...
she: and in some clips she did even kiss a woman, one could only see two women doing "things"
me: so what?
she: but at least I have been able to safe everything on my computer, because my neighbour, she and her husband tried to remove everything from the internet.
me: why did you safe it?
she: to have proof. Because I spoke with them about it and they said somebody else put it on the internet. But with the things I copied and safed, there is evidence enough that they uploaded it themselves.
Me thinking: isn`t it great to have so caring and thoughtful neighbours...

In the end she wanted to know where in my city the woman could turn to get help. I gave her some information about the police and a safe house for women.........

The conversation  lasted about 15 minutes. And afterwards I realised two things:

I can not be thankful enough for having found "our" small internet community here.
I can not be careful enough with my vanilla friends and acquaintances... they would NEVER understand what we are talking about in our FM blogs...


  1. Hi Tina,

    My background in a past life was psychology. When folks discovered that, they'd unload on me. I didn't mind so much. Thought it was interesting that they would perceive me to be an expert in all things dealing with the psyche.

    About your thesis: Have you spoken to the prof and asked what it was exactly and what suggestions for changes he might have?

    Feminine wiles. It's interesting that your therapist would suggest that you apply these to get your way with the prof. Don't know if that's the best idea.

    I had an administrative law professor who was also a friend. I believe he was harder on me in class because of our friendship. No way I was ever going to get an A in his class.


  2. Just remembered something else: Almost twenty years ago I was shopping for a lawn mower. I'd pretty much made up my mind, but I was talking to my hardware guy about one particular machine. He said: " Well, so and so bought one, he's an attorney" My reply was: "So what, that makes him an expert on grass cutting now?"

    I've worked with hundreds of lawyers over the years. There are a sparse few that I would trust to mow my lawn.

    ;-) Jack

  3. Why would you suggest the police and a safe house for women? Nothing in your narrative implied that the wife had any need of either one. I don't understand. Why not explain to the complaining woman that no law was broken and she should find some other way to spend her time.