Friday, April 2, 2010

What I want

Relationships where both partners switch or role play don't really interest me.
I am looking for a man who is interested in entering an exclusive relationship whith me. A relationship in which I am the dominant part and he is the submissive one.

I am not looking for a slave or someone who calls me mistress and at the same time licks my boots, but for a man who is prepared to obey me. Someone who is willing to accept my leadership, even though I might make demands that force him to leave his comfort zone.

I'd like to develop a healthy and somewhat vanilla relationship with both an erotic and disciplinary twist as there is nothing I enjoy more than handing out a proper punishment if needed. Oops, does this all sound contradictory? I hope not.

Someone told me: "lawyer, you are not into the stereotypical bdsm but just a natural dominant in charge woman who is willing to discipline her partner." Sounds pretty true to me.

In my oppinion, some of the spankings you see described on the net  are unnecessarily harsh, and possibly exaggerated. I belife a wife does not need to hand out a very long or very cruel spanking to be effective and to make her point.
However, what do I know?  It is the man`s butt who is going to get it. If  he really needs or want an ass trashing, no problem, I am prepared to bring it on.

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  1. For me, the worst punishment is always her upset. Angher is scary and makes a spanking hurt more becasue it removes all erotiscim from it, but if she is actually hurt, that is the worst.