Wednesday, July 27, 2011

punishment in front of others

Just a thought in regards to punishing a man in front of other (especially vanilla) people.

As I can read in various blogs, some of you think it`s a hot thing, some think it is really something to be afraid of.

In a relationship with me, a punishment in front of others will never happen.

I think all dd related activities are really a personal and private thing. It affects me deeply. Both handing it out and the fact that the man is willing to take it.If I do these things, my emotional gates are wide open.

If other people are involved, in my way of thinking, chances are pretty good that these people will not get the depth of what is happening in front of their eyes. And I just don`t want anybody to have a chance to dirty something that is in fact pure and pristine.


  1. That's why your view on this is os perfect Miss

  2. Definitely not in front of vanilla friends, but if these are people that both know of your spanking relationship, and are also in a spanking relationship, then it is something to consider.
    happy spankings