Wednesday, July 20, 2011

whipping boy

I have been asked if I am trying to find a whipping boy. And there is only one answer to that question: "No! "

A whipping boy is not at all what I am interested in. I get no satisfaction in whipping, hurting, punishing or disciplining a man for no reason at all. I am not into hurting people. I am not a sadist, not even in the harmless realm of kink. 

As far as domestic discipline is concerned, I need a strong emotional bond between me and the person I get involved with. Spanking somebody without really caring for the man just does not work for me. If I would whip a man, just because I am stressed and in need to vent, would most likely make me feel terrible afterwards.

I am a very emotional person. I have pretty good access to my mind and to my heart. And I expect the people in my life to give me access to their emotions and feelings as well. Physical acts without emotional bonds are just not interesting  for me. I just do not need another person to rub my body on while masturbating.

So the question is:
How am I to proceed? Me wanting to do some dd action and my man busy with important other real life stuff?

I will try to outwait the situation. I will take what I can get from my man.
And I will enjoy the things I can have with him.

His mind might be not free for kink and domestic discipline at the moment. But I hope that his interest in the subject will come back sooner or later.And even if it comes never back again, even if he will be the most vanilla man on this planet, I will stay at his side. Just because I love him.


  1. Hi Tina,

    I think you're man is very lucky. I wish I had specific advice to help you through this time. Focus more on work for a while?


  2. Working, working, working ....that is probably the best thing to do at the moment. I agree.

    And my man is definitely very lucky, lol. From all the men that courted me, I chose him. And since then, my mind is on him constatly.

    Circumstances are just not easy for both of us. But I have every intention to stay with him till death do us part. (Even though that statement alone is probably giving him headache :-). I am definitely thinking of the m-word, lol.)

  3. I simply LOVE your attitude about DD.
    You are NOT a sadist, but you seem to be a very LOVING lady!!

    I hope that you and your beloved can get together soon!! You would be such a "good catch" and wonderful partner for life for the right person!!

    I have chatted with you before, several months ago, and I am REALLY impressed with you!!

    The preacher's kid, Bob.

  4. Bob, preacher`s kid ;-), I remember exactly who you are. The last time we chatted my aunt was about to be brought into the hospital and I was pretty stressed. Thanks for your support and your friendly words now and then.