Saturday, November 6, 2010

that `s good!

My grandma, she is the coolest ever!  I love her so much. The whole family does. Right now, my almost 30 yo brother is napping in her bed...

This morning, while making scrambled eggs and thinking of my man I said to her:

Grandma, "my man" wrote me tonight. I am happy!

She suffers from dementia, therefore she forgets a lot.
She replied: Have you already met him or do you know him through the Internet only?

I said: Hey, I saw him, touched him and kissed him.

She asked: Have you done even more with him?

Me: Yes, I have.

She smiled at me and only said: that`s good!


  1. Hallo Tina,

    Du hast einen interessanten blog. Werde mich mal durchlesen und auf jeden Fall verfolgen.


    Peter (peters1967)