Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Am about to fly to the US. My plane starts in a couple of hours.
To say it is an adventure would be an understatement...
I am very nervous about meeting my man again. Lately, we had no chance to stay in contact too often, so it is hard to tell what is going to happen.  All I know is: I am thinking about him 24/7 :-)

I realized just yesterday that my credit card is expired. Should have asked for a new one weeks ago. Now it is too late and my bank can not provide me with a new one on such a short notice. In Germany I NEVER use a credit card, that is why I did not notice it earlier...

My mans credit card would not be of any help, because I made my reservations through a German Internet site. And they said explicitly that the good prices are for Germans only and not for Americans. So they want to see a German credit card... (Btw: isn`t this some form of discrimination? Maybe I should sue them, lol)

But, great as I am, I negotiated with the guys at the American car rental counter to accept my cash deposit. And the manager on duty said it would be ok. Hope he is right...

Have been at the hairdresser yesterday. Now I look like an idiot...I almost started crying ... I have know clue what exactly has happened, but I somehow ended with very unflattering hairs.

But at least my timing is perfect: thanksgiving and black Friday, here I come :-)
And since this whole post is off-topic, let me end my ramblings here with this great clip:


  1. Tina:
    Have a great time and enjoy yourself. He is interested in YOU, not your hair: that is just an accessory that will take care of itself.
    aj Widget

  2. Good Luck with your trip and enjoy :-)

  3. You are too funny - thanks for the and your man will be fine if that's what's meant to be, if gave it your best shot and that is very admirable! Happy Thanksgiving! And no worries....we Americans are used to the world discriminating against us.....until they need us to bail them out that is! lol It's ok, we have broad shoulders and can carry the weight! :D Have a great trip!

  4. Tina,

    Have a great time on your trip!


  5. thanks! Not quite there yet. but on my way :-) Tina

  6. You must admit, Die Starke Frau, that for forgetting to renew your credit card, you deserve 'six of the very best strokes on your bare bottom. Is that not so, Die Starke Frau?