Friday, April 23, 2010

My day in the brothel

Sometimes strange things happen...Today was definitely one strange day for me. I have been in a brothel.

A male friend of mine, I know him from business and politics, has been in my law firm today for a meeting about some reconstruction measures. My office does need a bit of remodeling and the guy is an experienced craftsman. And he is in a relationship, which is kind of important for the following events.

After having seen my law firm, he explained to me, which measures could and which could not be taken. He had some great ideas and said: "You know, I did something like this in one of the houses I own. Do you want me to show it to you? "

(Btw: even being a lawyer, I am NOT loaded! The guy probably is, but I am not).

Sure, I wanted to see what he has done. When I arrived at his house, I realised it is well known in the city for being a brothel. I mentioned that and he said that indeed 2 of the 4 appartements in the house were rented by whores and that he´d be able to ask them for a rent twice as high.

Of course I was now curious and wanted to go in. When does a woman have the possibility of seeing a brothel anyway...

We went to one empty appartement, where he showed me the remodeling work he had done. It was well done and impressive. So we stayed in the appartement for quite some time, when he mentioned that some more work needed to be done here.

The whores wanted him to build another separat room for some bdsm scenes. So the walls needed to be changed. I laughed and said something like: "If the women want to have a bdsm-studio, they definitely do need a St. Andrews cross. Just ask me, I can explain everything to you".

Without even blinking he said: "I already have it ready and waiting in the other appartement".

It was so much fun. I felt safe, because I knew he´s in a relationship. I even do know his partner. So we continued talking about bdsm and related stuff and I told him a bit about my blog. Not every detail, but I was testing the waters :-)

Somehow I mentioned that I did get a lot of attention from american men. And I said something about oral sex. Don´t remember what know, me being a lawyer, talking the wole day, there´s no way for me recalling every single sentence :-)

And suddenly he said: "this is so hot". And I was fully unaware and just asked: "what?" He countered: "I do not care if you have contact to every single american on the planet, as long as it is me, who can do the part of orally pleasuring you."

I laughed and just said "you wish", because there is no way for me to get involved with a man who is already in a partnership. Then we left the brothel again and parted amicably.

However the incident made me realise that I have obviously developped over the last weeks a much stronger female and dominant vibrancy. Which is a good thing, I guess. 


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  1. Hi Tina:
    My husband after we had been dating for over a year took me to a brothel. For a woman this was quite an experience. I never knew much about sex or learned as much as I did in those 2 hours we spent with the Mistress. Not only did I learn of his love and respect for me but also so much about just oozing desire and want to serve me by a man. You are a VERY respectable lady for not accepting his advances.