Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Writing fantasy porn is a thing I am not good at. I tried it and it just did not work...I decided to stick to the truth in this blog anyway, so I am afraid you won`t be finding any hot "jerk of" stories here. I do not have any real spanking experiences yet. Unfortunatelly. I told you, that is why I started this blog in the first place.

However I am going to share with you what kind of things I would like to experience. I am going to tell you what I would ask for if a fairy godmother would come around and grant me my wishes.

I would like to have a partner who is willing to submit to my spankings over my knee or wherever I decide for the spanking to happen. I do not have a fixation to over the knee spankings but if it shows that they are the most effective in getting my point through, I am more than willing to stick to them.

I do not have a favorite implement for handing out spankings either. As long as it works, almost every tool is fine with me. I bought a hairbrush the other day even though I did not actually need it for my hair, just because it had such a nice form. And probably because I was surfing too much in the internet... Anyway, everytime I see that hair brush, I am wondering now what it woul feel like to actually spank a man`s bottom with it. I almost can not wait for the real life experience.

Besides the hairbrush I am especially interested in using a belt. Specifically my partners belt. For me, the idea of having the man wear the punishment tool always within reach  is just awesome. I am surrounded with belt- wearing man. The belt to me is something so manly. Having him being forced to hand over his belt to me, for administering a hard spanking, turns me on just thinking about it.

And I actually do believe that the spankee should cry real tears when I am administering a spanking. For me it is important to know that the punished man has learned a lesson. I understand that for some men the crying part is something really difficult and that they are only able to let go if there is a deep trust to the woman.That is fine with me. I do not want to be a dominatrix for single meetings but the women who shares her life with a special man. Mutual deep trust is a prerequisite for such a relationship. 

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