Wednesday, April 7, 2010

no punishment yet, hurt feelings instead

I know, I promised to write more about punishments. And I am going to. However I feel the need to shortly adress another issue first.

As I mentioned right from the start I am a beginner as far as real life domestic discipline is concerned. Even though in theory I do know a lot about it, in practice everything is new to me and my journey in this different lifestyle has only just begun. At this point of time I am still trying to understand whats going on within me and in other peoples mind. 

To complicate things, there seems to be a tacit agreement among men, that me, the women, as the dominant part, is supposed to know exactly what she is doing. The truth is I don`t always.

In a few chats/mails with readers I got the dim feeling that the men, who opened up to me quite a lot, were not really comfortable with my response or my words. And I do not talk about a kinky way of being uncomfortable here.

Sometimes I am pretty skin-thinned myself, especially if things are concerned that are so depply engraved in my personality as my wish for a domestic discipline partner.

Therefore, just to make it clear:
If I should have somehow hurt your deepest inner feelings, I did not do it deliberately. As much as I want to dominate you in a relationship, as important is it to me to respect and pay heed to your emotions.

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  1. You sound like a very awsome lady. My bottom quivers at the thought of receiving spankings from you.