Friday, April 30, 2010

new findings

Over the last couples of weeks I got a better and better picture of what I want. What kind of a relationship I want, and what I want from the man in my life.Which is a good thing. It feels like there is a big change in my life and in the way I do see myself. My journey into a real life, loving, consensual domestic discipline relationship is not over yet. It is however one of the greatest adventures I ever started.

When I entered law school it was difficult and an adventurous thing too. However there was a strict, given plan how to proceed and finish. It was clear from the beginning that I would study criminal law in the first term, civil law at a later time and public international law more at the end, right before my final exam, which was sceduled to be taken after 4 years.

In the ongoing journey about finding the right man there is however no masterplan. Big surprise :-) For me, it was difficult to understand, that I am the one who can have a shot at so many different things. That it is me indeed, who can decide which route to take. In the past I just did not dare to believe that my domestic discipline dreams could actually become reality one day. And I was not willing to accept a compromise as far as my sex life and private life goes, just to have a partner to sport during social events and family meetings.

After opening the blog, I learned, that there is no need indeed to compromise as far as my domestic discipline cravings go. I need a man who I can love with all my heart. I want to admire him for who he is. And punish when I feel necessary.There are men out there who are trying to find a woman just like me.And that is such a good feeling.

Of course I am still willing to compromise within a relationship.Thats for sure. And I am not one 24/7 hardcore dominatrix looking for a slave to oppress. However, I am just not willing to abstain from my decision to not enter a vanilla relationship with a vanilla guy. Why even should I, if there are men, who want me to be exactly as I am  :-)


  1. "I need a man who I can love with all my heart. I want to admire him for who he is. And punish when I feel necessary."
    Great to see that this is what you want. Some of the FM blogs depict a relationship that is unloving, even cruel.

  2. Tina:
    There are many men out there who would love you the way you are. Just take the time to look as it took me 10 years to land my boy.